Agahnim's Tower

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Agahnim's Tower
Agahnim's Tower.png
Boss Agahnim
Previous dungeon Tower of Hera
Next dungeon Palace of Darkness

Any% NMG

Rupee tree

Map of the Lost Woods Rupee Route

Certain trees (and statues, paintings and other things) in the game can be pulled to spit out four Rupees. The color of these Rupees depends on how many enemies Link killed before pulling and whether he took damage while doing so. In this route we pull a first tree, kill four enemies without getting hit and then pull a second tree to make it drop red Rupees. This ends up being 5-6 seconds faster than getting the 100 Rupees from Sahasralah's back room.

There are five potential enemies to kill on your way through the woods. Not marked on the map is the bird right before you reach the Master Sword.

Fastest Route

Kills Buzzblob and bird before MS. File

Safer than killing the Buzzblob (he knows how to dance) with an arrow is a dash through the Bush Hoarder north of the first tree. Instead of killing the last bird, you can also shoot the Hoarder north of the second tree with a beam when you pass him the second time (or use it as a backup in case you missed the bird).

Gold Knights

Pick and choose the right strat based on your arrow and sword-beams availability. If you still need money, these guys can each drop 1, 5 or 20 rupees.

2 Arrows7'38

The fastest strat including arrow management. Walking south inbetween arrow shots helps position the second enemy for the knockback. File

6 Arrows7'02

Fastest strat when you are missing beams, but have plenty of arrows. Arrow timing for the right guy changes if he decides to use his attack. File

Double Spin9'17

For when you are out of arrows and beams. Walk up to the rail right away to lure both enemies in faster. File

1 Arrow7'59

Slight variation for when you are missing one arrow. Be careful not to overwrite your arrow damage with the beams! File

2 Double spins9'08

Slightly faster arrow- and beamless strat. File

Turtle Rock Fairy Conservation

Dealing the killing blow to an enemy with a dash-attack prevents them from dropping an item from their regular prize pack. Taking advantage of that against these two enemies can almost guarantee a fairy drop early in Turtle Rock, which makes damage boosts less risky and enables sword-beam strats. Holding up while opening the chest sets up a keydash.

Late Frame Rule7'10

If these guys start running late, you need to give them time to move closer together. File

Early Frame Rule7'01

If they aggro early, you can be greedier. File


Move south early and far enough. File

Rare Frame Rule7'10

1/16 chance for them to be further apart than usual. File

Spin Attack (Risks Fairy Drop)7'11

Benefits from dashing into the room. Hold down-right and release B when Link's entire sprite is off the red carpet. Hope they don't drop anything! File

Single Fast Knight in the Darkness

Hold left until Link fully walked off the red carpet before moving diagonally and you will be safe.

Two Fast Knights in the Darkness

See Bastard Doors. Turn Link north while you walk diagonally and you will be safe.

Key Archer

To keep Link from changing the direction he is facing, hold down-right for at least one frame when entering the room. Setting the keydash up by touching the southern wall makes the room nice and simple, but it does not save time.


Killing the archer with a poke and slash is safe and easy, but if you have beams you will still alert the other enemies. File


If the key archer walks south, he will be out of range and you have to fall back to the beamless strat. File

The Dream5'30

The double hit can only work when the archer walks east and the keydash has no setup. Good luck! File

Nmg-aga-keyarcher-block.gif Sometimes you can avoid the arrow from the right by blocking while your dash is charging.

Red Spear Throwers

Watch the right soldier while you're coming up the stairs and adjust your strat accordingly. For the second enemy you can try to anticipate his position and shoot early to keep him from throwing spears.

Beamless N/S9'06

Facing north or south: Rain down arrows from above. When you dash through the bats, cancel the dash with down-left against the bottom statue to keep Link's shield in front of him. File

Beamless E/W8'44

East or West: Slash the bats out of the way and shoot him from the center. File

The beam strat works pretty much the same way for all RNGs. The problem is: The timings can change in subtle ways depending how long these guys take to react. Sometimes you want to shoot the first arrow as early as possible, other times delaying it can help. In some cases it can be easier to cancel stair lag to the right, but usually left works better. The only way to do this room optimally, is to develop good intuition through lots of practice.


Beam noise gets the enemies' attention immediately. File

Things to keep in mind:

  1. When slashing the bats with beams you need to do it from a certain distance: Too far away and you won't hit both bats, too close and sometimes the soldiers won't aggro.
  2. These soldiers will try to keep a distance of about half the room's length to you. You can abuse this and keep them from throwing spears by stepping further away.
  3. The door only opens once there are no more spears flying in the air. Getting hit and despawning the last spear is often faster than waiting for it to travel across the room.
  4. The shield is your friend.

Red Soldiers

The noise from sword-beams or the boomerang can be used to aggro the soldiers immediately. Once they spot you, it can still take them anywhere between 0 and 31 frames to start running at you. Adjust the timing of your spin attack according to their positioning to get a double hit and at least one hit on the bottom guy. In most cases you need to delay your southward movement to lure the upper soldier further east.


Don't press down on the D-pad before you shoot the beam. File

Beamless + Boomless5'34

Without beams available the arrow can save a full second. File


Dashing out of the room is only sometimes worth it with this strat. File

Beams + Arrow5'09

If you have beams the arrow saves little time in comparison. File

Circle of Pots

The guard in the outer ring will only get in your way half of the time (when he patrols east/west), but you always want to avoid killing him to not have the game pause for the door opening animation. Good spot to menu, because it can help recognize the enemy pattern as early as possible. Again, these soldiers can wait up to 31 frames before they start running, so you need to adapt.

Some alternative ways to deal with the bad RNG:


Fastest strat for any pattern at the cost of 1 arrow. Need to pay attention to the key guards position as well. File


Competitive time thanks to one less menu. The bat will be in the way sometimes. File

Collected Items

You pick up the Master Sword in this segment and get your Rupee-count to 110 to pay Kiki to open the Palace of Darkness.


See Agahnim

100% NMG

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