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| srcsection = No_Major_Glitches
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| srccategory = 100
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100% (NMG, No S+Q)
Leaderboards SRC
World Record n/a until fixed
Splits LiveSplit file


100% collects all menu items at their max upgrade and all heart containers. (Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure is banned). The way upgrades work in this game (higher upgrade replaces the old one in the menu), only the highest level upgrade is needed, this allows players to skip the Red Shield, Blue Mail, and Blue Boomerang.

  • You are not required to get the upgrades for Bombs and Arrows. To do so would require tedious rupee grinding and a lot of time at the wishing well.
  • You do not have to finish with at least 1 bomb (or arrow) in your inventory. They do disappear from the menu, but bombs/arrows are required to complete the game anyway.

Main Route

The latest 100% route based on the world record with 01:45:19 from Xelna

  • Hyrule Castle
    • No boomerang
    • Lamp
  • Eastern Palace
    • Arrow and Bow
    • Sahasralah rupees and bombs
    • Book of Mudora
  • Desert Palace
    • Power Gloves
    • Desert Palace Heart Piece
    • Aginah Heart Piece
    • Near the Sanctuary Heart Piece (Pegasus Heart Piece)
    • Death Mountain Heart Piece I (Spectacle Rock Heart Piece)
  • Tower of Hera
    • Moon Pearl
    • Death Mountain Heart Piece II (Cave Heart Piece)
    • Mushroom
    • Lost Wood Heart Piece (Thief Heart Piece)
  • Agahnim's Tower
    • Pyramid Heart Piece
  • Palace of Darkness
    • Hammer
    • 300 rupees near the Swamp Palace (On the right side in the Dark World after you go south from the bomb shop)
    • Flute with glitchwarp back to the Dark World
    • Heart Piece south from the Flute Guy (Flower Heart Piece)
  • Digging Game
    • Maze Heart Piece
    • Pub Bottle
    • Butterfly Net
    • Release the Bird
    • Merchant Bottle
    • Blinds Hideout Heart Piece
    • Magic Powder (Fly to 2, give away the Mushroom and collect the Magic Powder, fly back to 3)
    • Well Heart Piece (Collect the 3 bombs from the first chest)
  • Chest Game
    • Magic Boomerang (Bomb the door where the death cuccos around. With the normal boomerang, it contains 300 rupees)
  • Thieves' Town
    • Titans Mitt
    • 300 rupees chest (right house in Dark Kakariko)
    • Get the cursed Dwarf
    • Blacksmith Heart Piece (Hammertime!)
    • Give away the Master Sword
    • Get the locked Chest in the Dark World
    • Warp back to the Light World and obtain the 1/2 Magic
    • Get the Tempered Sword
    • Fly to 7 and talk to the Average Middle-Aged Man in front of the Desert to get the next bottle
    • Fly to 3, enter the Skull Woods
  • Skull Woods
    • Fire Rod
    • Quake Medallion
    • Flippers
    • Zora River Heart Piece
  • Ice Palace
    • Fly to 1
    • Cane of Byrna (It is possible to get it with 14 hearts, but doing so requires precise dashing on the spikes. You can collect a fairy for security)
    • Ether Medallion
    • West Mire Heart Piece (Should restore your health bar after the Cane of Byrna)
  • Misery Mire
    • Cane of Somaria
    • East Mire Heart Piece
    • Fly to 4
    • Bombos Medallion
    • Swamp Heart Piece
  • Swamp Palace
    • Hookshot
    • Lake Hylia Heart Piece
    • "Under the Bridge" Bottle
    • Super Bomb (Golden Sword / Silver Arrows) (Be sure to have at least 100 rupees, especially if you get the Digging and Chest game Heart Piece after the first try)
    • Magic Cape
    • Cemetery Heart Piece (Cliff Heart Piece)
    • Bumper Heart Piece
    • Lumberjack Heart Piece
    • Ice Rod
  • Turtle Rock
    • Mimic Heart Piece
    • Mirror Shield
    • "Big Rock Light World" Heart Piece
  • Ganon's Tower
    • Red Mail
  • Ganon

External Resources

If you need a better overview for the locations of the Heart Pieces and Items, use this map made by Krystal: LW and DW Map

Location of the Heart Pieces shown by a image: Heart Pieces