Any% (NMG, No S+Q)

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Any% (NMG, No S+Q)
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World Record 1h 23m 07s by RealAlphaGamer on 27 Oct 2019
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Any% (No Major Glitches, No Save and Quit) is the main A Link to the Past category.

Main Route

Item Route

This section explains how to obtain items like rupees, bombs and arrows in the quickest way for this category.


This will concentrate on the Light World. The route in dark world is pretty much static, just watch a run to figure it out if you don't know.

The route mainly focuses on having at least 14 rupees prior to the tree pulling sequence after Tower of Hera. 14+10(from first tree)+80(from second tree)+6(from Circle of Pots Room)=110 (enough to pay kiki)

Eastern Palace

14 or more rupees entering Dark Greenie Room AND you don't do Gifted with Greenies: skip slashing popos to save ~15f in the room. You're good on rupees, no point in going for drops here.

Desert Palace

With less than 3 entering the Michael Jackson Room, you should grab the backup blue pot above the first arrow one. Reasoning: If you don't get any drops from here, you'll start to lose seconds from all the backups you'll need. With 3 or more though, there's still enough quick backups to get you to 110 after this point, so you can still hope for some drops.

Agah Tower Overworld

  • First Tree (video here)
    • if 14 or more, just pull and you'll grab 2 blues doing optimal dash route pretty much (check the video above for movement if you don't know)
    • if less than 13 but more than 7, get 3 blues here.
    • if you have 7 or less, grab all 4. note that using the aforementioned backup in desert, you should never come here with less than 3.
      • also i recommend doing a strat that goes left of the tree like in the video above rather than north. not only are these strats faster, they also allow quick access to all 4 rupees if you need them. if you don't like the cucumber shot, here are some other ideas:
  • Second Tree
    • usually you get all 4 here, unless your drop luck was exceptionally good.
    • if you have 44 rupees coming to this tree, you can skip the far west one to save a little time
    • if you have 64 rupees coming to this tree (god luck), you can skip the 2 on the west to save some time.
    • extremely unlikely you'll have enough to skip more here.
  • So you got hit

Agah Tower Dungeon

  • If you have less than 104 entering gold knights, you can hope for a drop from the east knight.
  • There's two emergency blue pots you can get in this dungeon. You should never need either of them assuming you've followed this guide, but here they are: Suicide Pot CoP backup blue
    • The "suicide" pot (the one in the dark pit room) is faster but riskier. Choose whichever you like.
  • If you have 103 rupees in the Circle of Pots Room, there's a quick green on the east side of the room to put you at 110 (after getting blue and green at the top of the room).

Palace of Darkness

  • One last emergency blue you can get here on the overworld by bonking the 2nd tree. Just dash into the tree from the north and you should collect it automatically. If this still won't cut it, you'll just have to farm ropas or something.