Enemy prize packs

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Every enemy sprite is part of a group. Each group have their own "prize pack", meaning an ordered list of what they will drop when you kill them. The first time an enemy in a specific group drops an item, you will always get the first item in that pack. And next time the second etc. Each group has its own "counter", so advancing one prize pack does not affect the others. Any enemy that is designated to drop a key will never drop an item from its prize pack, even if the key is obtained. Enemies will always drop a green rupee if killed while stunned or killed with anything but the hammer while frozen. Killing an enemy with a dash will force the drop rate to 0%.

Prize pack 0
Empty prize pack
KeeseL Babasu Zoro Tile Freezor Bee Gibo Hoarder
Octoballoon Kyameron Pirogusu Swamola Wallmaster
Prize pack 1 (50% drop rate)
Heart Heart Heart Heart Green rupee Heart Heart Green rupee
Moblin Blue sword guard Green dagger guard Green sword guard Green spear guard Usain Bolt Red spear and shield guard Blue tarosu
Red tarosu Toppo Snake Crab Bush stal Quake slime Green leever Purple leever
Wizzrobe Skeletal wizzrobe Green zirro
Prize pack 2 (50% drop rate)
Blue rupee Green rupee Blue rupee Red rupee Blue rupee Green rupee Blue rupee Blue rupee
Octorok Mini moldorm Popo Ropa Kyune Pikit Red hardhat beetle Geldman
Red devalant Blue devalant Ball-and-chain guard Rat Buzz Hover Terrorpin Blue tektite
Red tektite
Prize pack 3 (50% drop rate)
Big magic decanter Small magic decanter Small magic decanter Blue rupee Big magic decanter Small magic decanter Heart Small magic decanter
Pengator Buzzblob Red spear guard Gibdo
Prize pack 4 (100% drop rate)
1 bomb 1 bomb 1 bomb 4 bombs 1 bomb 1 bomb 8 bombs 1 bomb
Floating stalL Hinox Sluggula Bomb guard Zora Ku Stalfos knight
Prize pack 5 (50% drop rate)
5 arrows Heart 5 arrows 10 arrows 5 arrows Heart 5 arrows 10 arrows
Blue archer Green archer Armos statue Green eyegore Red eyegore Green mimic Red mimic
Prize pack 6 (50% drop rate)
Small magic decanter Green rupee Heart 5 arrows Small magic decanter 1 bomb Green rupee Heart
Crow Vulture Poe Hyu Red bari Blue bari Blue hardhat beetle Red kodongo
Green kodongo Green slime Red slime Yellow slime Blue zazak Red zazak Blue stalfos Red stalfos
Prize pack 7 (50% drop rate)
Heart Fairy Big magic decanter Red rupee 8 bombs Heart Red rupee 10 arrows
Snapdragon Mini helmasaur Bluesain Bolt Red bush spear guard Stalrope KeeseD Floating stalD Yellow stalfos
Blue zirro Pokey Lynel
  • L Prize pack applies to Light World
  • D Prize pack applies to Dark World
  • Toppo only give their prize pack when talked to after destroying the grass under them
  • All enemies that drop an item will use this prize pack at a drop rate of 100% if hammered while frozen