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= External resources =
= External resources =
* [https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170635873?t=03h04m27s Tips by BluntBunny]
* [https://youtu.be/CYF5JuhWYLE?t=1h15m51s Andy's NMG Tutorial]
* [https://youtu.be/CYF5JuhWYLE?t=1h15m51s Andy's NMG Tutorial]
* [https://www.twitch.tv/runnerwatcher/v/41763607?t=01h30m44s Runnerwatcher's NMG Tutorial]
* [https://www.twitch.tv/runnerwatcher/v/41763607?t=01h30m44s Runnerwatcher's NMG Tutorial]

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Southwest Shorthop


First Cycle

During the first cycle, the lanmolas spawn points within the room are fixed. Even though their behavior after surfacing is random, the consistent spawns allows you for a consistent setup and approach to open up the fight

All Subsequent Cycles

In every cycle after the first, the lanmolas spawns become random.


NMG First Fight

  • Practice this a lot. It's the only way to develop necessary spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and reactions.
  • For the first cycle, bonk the top wall and move up 1-2 pixels (good idea to use Sword Buffer) for this. This puts you in a good position that allows you to shoot at the left and right lanmolas safely.
  • Strongly favor the bow in this fight over the sword. The bow does twice as much damage. Only use the sword if you know you'll be unable to position yourself for additional arrow hits.
  • Missing arrow shots can be significant. The game only lets one arrow in the air at a time, so if you miss, you'll have to wait for the arrow to hit a wall before you can continue shooting.
  • Keep track of how much damage you've done to each worm. You don't want to waste time or arrows shooting at a worm that's already dead.
  • How the lanmolas move in the room should influence your approach. If a lanmola spawns and moves downwards, it's vertical position on screen will actually remain very stable for a short time before it takes its dive. This allows you to easily stand next to it and get two or more arrow hits in. For upwards moving patterns, you'll have to learn how to follow the lanmola along its path.
  • Usually you'll want to prioritize the 3rd worm more than the others. It tends to be more difficult to damage it during the 1st round, and there can be a few second difference between getting an early cycle kill (with the 1st worm as your last kill) and getting a late cycle (3rd worm as your last kill).

NMG Ganon Tower Refight

  • You can save a rod shot by starting the fight with a spin.
  • Make sure you're boosted upwards, perhaps slightly towards the right.
  • Try to spin as early as possible - the later in the spin animation you hit the first Lanmola, the faster you can start moving for the second shot.
  • If the first lanmola goes leftwards, you should just ignore it, unless you're very good at the fight. It's usually very hard to get a 1 cycle when this happens, so it's better to try to guarantee the 2 cycle by going to the 2nd Lanmola early.
  • A good cue for the dash into the next screen is to start your dash on the 8th (and last) explosion of the last Lanmola you kill.

External resources