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These are ordered from most severe to least severe.

Exploration Glitch (EG)

Placing the player sprite on the incorrect layer of the game which results in the ability to bypass obstacles through layer manipulation. There are many ways to activate EG, including normal OOB glitches, underworld YBAs, performing a midair s+q, offsetting the camera (for example with bumpers in Skull Woods) and abusing Tower of Hera's poor dungeon design. EG is only possible in the underworld.

Door Glitches (DG)

Three subsets of glitches which are accomplished by bypassing or corrupting a door transition on the underworld. This can be accomplished with a YBA or through use of the Cane of Somaria, bombs, pixelporting (in a TAS), and probably more ways.

Superskuj Door Juke (SDJ)

Main article: Somaria Door

A glitch which spoofs data inside rooms, or overwrites completion flags in a room. This can cause chest contents to change, refill chests, regenerate keys, and toggle the "holes hurt players" flag which allows some Wrong Warps.

Door Warp

A glitch which corrupts a door transition, causing it to transport the player multiple rooms instead of just one, or to transport the player in the wrong direction.

Underworld Fake Flute

See: 6. Fake Flute

Wrong Warp (WW)

Using a hole in a room to transfer the player to a room which is not intended to be accessed from the former. Some holes can accomplish this by default, such as Ganonpot or the Turtle Rock lava dive, others require an SDJ to change the behavior of the hole. As of now Door Glitches are required to perform any Wrong Warps, but they aren't considered a subset of Door Glitches, instead they have their own classification.

Out of Bounds (OOB)

Specific manipulation of the game engine's collision detection to bypass a boundary. On the underworld OOB results in Link being outside a room's walls, but without freedom of movement across the underworld map (that is EG). On the overworld OOB results in bypassing an obstacle, such as a wall or cliff. Methods to achieve OOB include clipping, teleports and mirror jumps. Some applications of OOB can automatically lead to EG.

Screen Transition Gitches (Overworld)

Two subsets of glitches which corrupt the function of a seen transition on the overworld.

Mirror Warping

Activating the mirror on the same frame as a screen transition to warp across a screen.


A blue potion YBA activates a fake flute (see: Fake Flute). Using a green or red potion to activate a YBA on the overworld corrupts the screen's data, allowing the player to bypass dome obstacles.

Fake Flute

The flute menu can be accessed with a YBA on the overworld or underworld, and are classified separately:

Overworld Fake Flute

Achieved by performing a blue potion YBA on the overworld. Calls a functioning flute menu, with the exception that transportation from the Dark World will result in the player landing in the Fake Light World.

Underworld Fake Flute

Achieved with a green YBA in an inter-tile door or a blue YBA in an intra-tile door. This calls a flute menu which does not function properly. This is not considered EG unless the player moves far enough from the landing zone to reload underworld tiles.