Master Sword (NMG)

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Master Sword (NMG)
Leaderboards SRC
World Record 21m 37s by RealAlphaGamerRealAlphaGamer on 10 May 2018
Splits [[:File:|LiveSplit file]]

Master Sword is a partial game category where the goal is to collect the master sword using only minor glitches. Save & Quit is allowed.

Main Route

There are 5 Save & Quits total

  • The first 3 of them are to Link's House
  • The last 2 are to the Sanctuary

  • Hyrule Castle
    • Get the Boomerang
    • Rescue Zelda from her cell & open the chest for Lantern
    • Escape to the Sanctuary
    • Open the Chest for extra Heart Container (optional, can also grab after Desert for full hearts on Death Mountain)
    • Save & Quit to Link's House

  • Eastern Palace
    • Leave house & go North East to Eastern Palace
    • In Big Chest room there are 4 pots. Left pots = Arrows // Right pots = Arrows and 1 heart

  • Desert Palace
    • After leaving Eastern Palace, jump off the ledges and go in the house to get the Pegasus Boots
    • Save & Quit to Link's House
    • Go West to get the Book which is in the Library south of Kakariko village
    • Save & Quit to Link's House
    • Go South then West to the dungeon
    • 4 pots before Lanmolas. Top pots = Arrows + small magic pot // Bottom pots = 2 hearts

  • Tower of Hera
    • Save & Quit to Sanctuary after Desert
    • Go to Death Mountain & get the Mirror from the old man
    • Climb Death Mountain to Hera
    • Don't need the Big Chest (Moon Pearl)
    • Bunch of safety hearts under pots right before the Boss (hit crystal switch before petting zoo).

  • Master Sword
    • Save & Quit to Sanctuary after Hera
    • Go to the Lost Woods from South entrance
    • Get the Master Sword