Restricted Major Glitches

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Restricted Major Glitches is one of the 3 main leaderboard rulesets for ALttP Speedrunning. It allows the use of any glitch that is not Exploration Glitch, Door Glitches/Transition Corruption, Wrong Warp, or Misslotting.

Explanation and History

The ruleset dates back to late 2012/early 2013 when runners wanted a more interesting Any% speedrun using glitches. Exploration Glitch had long made the true Any% speedrun under 3 minutes in length and few runners found that run interesting. Thus, Any% No EG was born. The route would beat Escape and Eastern, collect the items necessary to progress through Ganon's Tower and the Ganon fight, and then clip into Ganon's Tower, defeat Agahnim2, and defeat Ganon to beat the game.

A huge part of the identity of that run is that the player does Ganon's Tower "normally" -- albeit with low hearts and few items. So when non-EG tricks got discovered that allowed the player to skip or heavily sequence break Ganon's Tower, these were also banned from the runs. Because the ban-list had grown to include a few glitches, the ruleset was renamed to RMG - a much more concise terminology than something like No EG,DG,WW,MS.