Thieves' Town

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Thieves' Town
Thieves' Town.png
Boss Blind
Dungeon item Titan's Mitt
Previous dungeon Skull Woods
Next dungeon Ice Palace

Any% NMG

Quick Warp

Main article: Quick_Warps § Flute_Quick_Warp

Twitch icon.svg And watch Xelna do it fast.

Notice that he talks to the NPC from as high as possible, holds up-left after the dialog and then uses the item switch to confirm his position. After the warp he does not need to move at all to dig. Link ALWAYS digs to the right, unless you are holding < on the D-pad.

Gibos before Hellway

Gibos can move in 6 directions

Enter the room, avoid getting slowed down by the Bastard Door, recognize the movement pattern of the lower Gibo and dodge as much as you have to. Using the item switch to bombs as a buffer is helpful, but there are also other opportunities to use that menu to consider.

If the bottom Gibo moves...

  • north: you can dash immediately
  • north-east, east or south: you have to walk halfway down the room before you can dash and stop in front of the statue
  • north-west or south-west: you have to get dangerously close to the bottom spikes


Another way to deal with this room is to take the upper route, which requires you to delay your dash to not run into the Fire Fairy. Holding up when entering and slashing once works well as a buffer. This time we're looking at the top Gibo and the pause buffer is especially useful to recognize the special cases.

Any Other than SW4'13

Same execution for 5/6 patterns, plus special case when the lower guy moves north. File


South-west movement means you have to wait. File

Bottom N4'28

Sometimes the bottom guy moves into your way, which is still an OK pattern if you react quickly. File

Rare, Lucky Case4'28

If you have beams and slash early enough AND the bottom guy moves NE, you actually kill him thanks to the spike. File


Dash here Don't worry about bonking

Don't touch the d-pad when you start your first dash to increase the chance of landing in the right position, that allows you to dash inbetween the spikes. The first Gibo will only be in your way if it moves straight north or south. The door at the end of the hallway is very generous when it comes to dashing through: As long as you are at least one pixel away from the statues left or right, you will not bonk. This is another room in which the pause buffer to bombs can be helpful.

You can look at the distance between Link and the statues to aim your dash into the door. File

Often it is worth taking an intentional hit for the invincibility, because it is easy to take a lot more damage when lingering in the room. File

To get boosted north like this, you need to walk down-left into the upper half of the spike. File

Upstairs Bomb Floor

Final opportunity to use the item switch to bombs as a buffer.

  1. Hold right and drop the bomb as soon as possible. You cannot use bombs while still inside the door.
  2. Keep holding right until you reach the wall. This way you avoid the enemy below.
  3. If the Buzz above you is coming down, slash up.
  4. Grab the bomb, walk down slightly inbetween the tables and throw the bomb. The bomb will miss if you are not far enough away from the target.
  5. Walk back up to the rail and dash out the door. If no enemy was in your way, you will need to delay the dash for the bomb to explode. Make sure you touch the rail or you might get hit on your way out.

Free Roam4'44

All enemies are easily avoided. File

Enemy from Above4'45

Only case where you need to deal with a Buzz. File

Conveyor Belts Switch Pot

Hammerdashing is the fastest strat by 10-15 frames when done optimally. Slashing at enemies can cause a lot of lag in this room, especially with beams.

Dash, then Hammer7'39

Hold up-right to start the dash. Kills the Stalfos no matter the RNG. File


Hold up to walk inside the door frame, then press right to nudge against the corner, if you want to make this easier. The Stalfos can get in your way. File

Collected Items

You pick up Flute and Titan's Mitt in this segment.


See Blind

100% NMG

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