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Youtube channels

Other speedrunning resources


-The Official A Link To The Past Randomizer portal.
-A Practice Hack for speedrunners to practice ALTTP.
-The Boss Rush is a hack which pits the player against every boss back to back with different equipment based on the difficulty chosen.
  • 1-Hit K.O. by GrygorS (Improvements by poor_little_pinkus)
-A Hack where you take any hit in the game and you are dead. Also has a counter that tracks how many times you died.
-Replaces all the enemies in the game by Mini-Moldorms with accelerated movement, and if you get hit, you die.
-Goal of the Hack is to defeat Ganon but requires you to hover several pits to reach goals.
-Same as the first version of the hack, but you instead have a full dungeon to complete with different hover challenges.
-Played with 2 Players and 2 Controllers on the same console, and causes the active player to swap between controller Port 1 and Port 2 of the SNES after a certain amount of time. Have 2 difficulty included.
-Plays normally except grabbing a Heart Container doesn't give you an extra heart in your bar, causing you to be forever stuck on 3 hearts.
-You start the game with 20 Heart Containers, but you cannot refill those hearts if you are getting it. If you die, the game file gets deleted.
-This hack applies random cheats and odd effects randomly.
-An archive of the previous versions of the Practice Hacks for ALTTP.


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