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Wiki stuff

  • When making a link, make sure there's no space before or after the brackets, as it will add unintended white space when followed or preceded by punctuation.
Use the [[Bomb Jump]], Luke.
Use the [[ Bomb Jump ]], Luke.
  • Would be nice if people add spaces between syntax and text otherwise though.
* This is a list item
*This is a list item
  • When working inside a list, you can use : to indent more text in the same level (to add paragraphs). See source of these list items for example.


These are just general rules meant to be broken sometimes. Idea is just to try to present things in a similar way, from different authors. These are just some suggestions.

  • Generally capitalize words in the title of the wiki pages. "Bomb Jump", "Quick Warp", "Out of Bounds Glitches". But when mentioned in a random paragraph, sometimes lower case is good.
Some tech can be treated as names, re. capitalization, like "Out of Bounds". I think "This glitch is an Out of Bounds glitch" is easier to read than "This glitch is an out of bounds glitch". But maybe "Perform a bomb jump to the other side" is better?
  • Pay some attention to how certain expressions are spelled elsewhere. Spindash vs Spin dash etc..
  • I've used a verbose form in Categories - Any% (NMG, No S+Q). This is better for new players, but generally use a shorter form, where we skip the stuff unneeded for alttpers. I've landed on Any% NMG, Any% No EG etc.
  • Use the full dungeon/item name always (Eastern Palace, Tower of Hera), unless part of an established name (like Hera Clip).
Also let's use Hyrule Castle instead of Escape.

Creating short gameplay videos with Snes9x

  1. Record an .smv of the gameplay you need. (File -> Movie Record...)
  2. Pause the emulator and load the .smv for playback. (File -> Movie Play...)
  3. Frame advance to the exact frame you want to start the recording on, for example, the first frame after the camera stops moving when entering a room. Try to cut out any unnecessary footage like screen transitions.
  4. Start an AVI recording (File -> Start AVI Recording...) and unpause the emulator.
    Consider using a lossless codec like Lagarith for the best quality:
  5. After all the desired gameplay was played back in the emulator, stop the AVI recording.
    You can once again use frame advance to stop at an exact frame (for example, when the practice ROM updates the room time).
  6. Encode the AVI video into a compressed format.
    There are countless different ways to do and programs to use for this. The videos that are currently on this site were created with ffmpeg using the following arguments:
    ffmpeg -i C:\video.avi -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 18 -bf 2 -flags +cgop -pix_fmt yuv420p -sws_flags neighbor -s:v 512x448 -c:a aac -b:a 160k -movflags faststart C:\video.mp4
    resulting in an .mp4 file with h264 video and aac audio optimized for streaming (adopted from a YouTube tutorial)

I you want to make a GIF instead, you can load the .avi file into virtualdub, and go to File -> Export -> Animated GIF.