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Water walk being armed with the pit method File

Water walk is a minor glitch that allows Link to walk on water as if it were dry land.


  • Store a nonzero pit variable $5B and then jump southwards onto a body of water.
  • Fake flippers into the waterfall fairy cave and exit, while possessing the moon pearl.

Pit variable


The following methods can be used to arm the pit variable to a nonzero value:

  • Dashing next to a pit and transitioning
    • In the underworld, only a vertical dash will work. Specific caves are required to bring the state to the overworld
  • Dashing next to a pit and bonking
  • Walking towards or across a pit and turning around during a dash (dash buffer or dash turn both work)
    • Walking north towards a pit does not work.


The following actions zero the pit variable, thus disarming water walk:

  • Walking near a pit
  • Jumping into water and being splashed out
  • Jumping southwards on the overworld
  • Moving left or right in the underworld (door alignment does not count)
  • Travelling with the flute
  • Using the mirror
  • Saving and quitting


The following actions break an activated water walk:

  • Walking onto dry land
  • Taking damage
  • Bonking
  • Obtaining an item
  • Using the flute
  • Using the mirror


Pit method

The pit method works because jumping south on the overworld is the only direction that can land on a pit that leads to the underworld. At the end of the jump, the pit variable is checked, and, if it is nonzero, it is transferred to Link's general state handler $5D. When jumping onto dry land, this effectively does nothing, as the 1 frame behavior difference does nothing. When jumping onto water, however, this state transfer overrides the swimming state. In both cases, the lack of pit is detected on the next frame, and both the pit variable and state handler addresses are cleared.

Water walk is disarmed in the underworld when moving horizontally but not vertically simply because those axes of movement are handled differently.

Waterfall method

The waterfall method works because possessing the moon pearl prompts Link's general state handler to be reset when exiting the underworld.