Fake Clippers

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Fake Clippers is a technique to get through the Pool Room below Hammer Peg Lever without having the Flippers. This can be used in RMG and MG categories to access Hookshot early.


  • The first part of the trick involves getting Fake Flippers via Splash Deletion. This is typically done by pre-setting the Search Index earlier in the run (use 2 Lamps; direction doesn't matter), and then using 6 arrows and 2 bombs before jumping in the water to delete the Splash.
  • After jumping into the water, you want to hold v and pause on one of 7 y-coordinates: 771 - 777. Make sure you don't swim here (no face button use), just move straight down into position.
  • From one of the working y-coordinates, hold <^ and mash Y, B, and A to swim. You should clip up into the railing where you want to switch to holding <v. You can sit and hold this position indefinitely, so no need to rush the next part. From here, you want a one frame release of v and then immediately back to <v. There are a few ways players can try to accomplish this. One is a hover technique on v. Another common one is to hold <v with your left thumb and sharply hit ^ with a finger on your right hand in hopes of getting a 1f dpad wobble. A third technique would be to use Select Buffering. You can also try using just your normal thumb dpad technique. Whatever works best.
  • When you notice Link starting to drift left, this means you've gotten the 1 frame release and you just need to hold <v until Link has fully passed the vertical railing.
  • After you're on the other side of the vertical railing, you want to swim up into x-coordinate E68. From this position, swim down onto the ladder and Link will jump. Then just hold ^ to get back in-bounds. It is extremely important this is executed from x-coordinate E68. If not, you'll be stuck out of bounds, and you'll be unable to retry the trick. Even if you mirror out and come back here, the layers will have changed from the water already being in this room (rather than filled on initial visit), making the trick impossible to perform.


Being Off E68

If you swim up and notice that you're not on E68, you'll effectively softlock going for the optimal stair movement shown above. There are a couple of ways to fix this though


  • Swim into the top right rail corner and then just tap <^ until you're on E68. Due to swim mechanics, it isn't too difficult to manually adjust your position this way. It will not work coming into position from the right though, so be sure to do it this way.

Swim Backup

  • Another way to recover this. Just swim to the next room and jump a ledge. Link will respawn on land at the beginning of the room.

Failing Lower Rail Clip

  • If you miss the lower rail clip, this is the only good backup. You'll have to swim up to the top rail corner and clip in here.
  • You need to get on y-coordinate 738 and then hold <v and do 3 one frame releases of v to clip. Because you need more 1f releases and you have to manually position yourself using swim mechanics, this is considerably harder than getting the bottom rail clip, so it's recommended that you grind out the bottom clip to good consistency. This can still be useful to know in the event that you do miss the bottom clip though.