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Rupee pulls are special sprites on the overworld that can be pulled for 4 tiers of prizes, with the tier based on certain conditions.

Tier Conditions Prize
0 0 kills Nothing
1 1–3 kills Green rupee.png
2 4+ kills
Have taken damage
Blue rupee.png
3 4+ kills
Have not taken damage
Red rupee.png

Sources of damage include:

  • Enemies
  • Bombs
  • Spike floors
  • Spike blocks

Not counted as damage:

  • Pits

The kill and damage counters are 8-bit, so they will wrap around back to 0 after 255. They are stored in work RAM and not cleared during save-and-quit, so they will persist. But as they are not in save memory, they will be cleared after a console reset.

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