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Rupee pulls are special sprites on the overworld that can be pulled for 4 tiers of prizes based on certain conditions. In Any% (NMG, No S+Q), the optimal route gets 2 sets of rupee pulls (blue and red) to help acquire the money to access Palace of Darkness. This rupee route is around 6 seconds faster than the alternative Sahasrahla chest rupees. The ideal spots are both trees, which has led to the commonly used names such as tree rupees or tree pulls.

Tier Conditions Prize
0 0 kills Nothing
1 1–3 kills Green rupee.png
2 4+ kills
Have taken damage
Blue rupee.png
3 4+ kills
Have not taken damage
Red rupee.png

Sources of damage include:

  • Enemies
  • Bombs
  • Spike floors
  • Spike blocks

Not counted as damage:

  • Pits

The kill and damage counters are 8-bit, so they will wrap around back to 0 after 255. They are stored in work RAM and not cleared during save-and-quit, so they will persist across games in the same session, but as they are not in save memory, they will be clear after a console reset.

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