Citrus clip

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Citrus clip.gif

Citrus clip is a 1-frame clip technique that works for ◣ slopes.


  1. Begin on a Y coordinate that ends in 2 or A (i.e. 2 more than a multiple of 8)
  2. Move 3 pixels west; for this, it is impossible to move 4 pixels, so 2 slash buffers can be used
  3. Move 5 pixels diagonally north-west
  4. Move 5 or 6 pixels west, depending on the teleport (5 for upwards; 6 for downwards)
  5. Move 1 pixel north-west
  6. Tap <v

To find the correct Y coordinate to begin, you can begin below the point you're trying to find and tap < repeatedly. This will gradually move you up the slope diagonally until the pixel is hit, at which point you will move 2 or 3 pixels into the wall, completing step 2.