Dark Rooms

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Dark Rooms refer to any room which require either the Lantern or Fire Rod to see.

If neither the Lantern or Fire Rod are available, many different items can be used to help navigate dark rooms. This includes the bow, bombs, boomerangs, hookshot, the hammer and either cane. Possibly also the shovel and bugnet.

List of Dark Rooms

Hyrule Castle Sewers

Sewers Dark Rooms.png

Eastern Palace

Eastern Palace Dark Rooms.png

Death Mountain Cave

Death Mountain Cave.png

Old Man's Cave

Old Man Cave.png

Death Mountain Exit

Death Mountain Exit.png

Aganihm's Tower

Aganihm's Tower.png

Palace of Darkness

POD Dark Rooms.png

Misery Mire

MM Dark Rooms.png

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock Dark Room.png