Death Mountain Ascent

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Death Mountain Ascent (commonly shortened to DMA) is a way to enter Death Mountain using Out of Bounds. This allows you to skip the Power Gloves, which you'd ordinarily need to access the cave to take you up Death Mountain.

New DMA Method

Found by Yuzuhara, this version utilizes a spindash, making it JP 1.0 exclusive, but is faster and safer from boulders/deadrocks while ascending. Tutorial by JoshRTA:

Standard Method

It's possible to enter Death Mountain by using the boots to clip into a diagonal wall on the overworld and then activating an upwards teleport to place Link on a different screen. From here you can transition right to Death Mountain.

Clipping through Slope

There are multiple ways to clip through diagonal edge, the easiest way is to press < or > and press A at the same time while holding the sword up.

Starting point and teleport

There are multiple starting points in each edge that will work.

Here are two starting point that work.

DMA start1.png DMA start2.png

You can see a "hole" in the grass under Link's shadow for the first one.

Then you must do 8 >+A input, you can count or just use visual cue for stopping that

DMA stop1.png DMA stop2.png

Here you can see for example only 1 pixel of link's feet shadow that go out.

When you reach that, release B then hold >v.

After the teleport, move upright in a diagonal so that you transition just above the base of the mountain wall.


Entering the cave

You are at the bottom on death mountain, but you will not see the map properly

DMA DMscreen.png

Don't try to enter the cave immediately, the game will have trouble making the black hole closing transition, at best it will take forever, or just crash.

You need to make the camera scroll up (move up and down), you will start seeing the squirrel and boulders but not the entrance. You can try to enter the cave now, It should be fine.

DMA CaveEntrance.png

SMV and video

You can find a SMV here : Easy DMA.smv


On the third bump of the mountain, bootclip in to make a downward teleport. After the teleport jump left down the mountain, then transition right. If you transition south after the teleport, return north and jump left before transitioning right.


Once transitioned, dash until you bonk. Dash upwards, and you'll be in bounds against Hera’s west wall.


Dead down and hold right until you squeeze past Hera’s wall.


Head east until you've reached the door and enter the dungeon.