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Door Jukes are a class of glitches that allow Link to bypass the room transition trigger on subtile doors.

Door type Jukes that work
YBA Item Bomb Mirror Statue drag
North Normal No.svg No.svg No.svg No.svg Yes.svg
Auto No.svg No.svg No.svg No.svg No.svg
South Normal Yes.svg Yes.svg No.svg Yes.svg Yes.svg
Auto Yes.svg No.svg No.svg No.svg No.svg
East Normal Yes.svg Yes.svg Yes.svg Yes.svg Yes.svg
Auto Yes.svg No.svg Yes.svg No.svg No.svg
West Normal Yes.svg No.svg No.svg Yes.svg Yes.svg
Auto Yes.svg No.svg No.svg Yes.svg No.svg

YBA jukes

Red or green YBAs can be used to juke the transition trigger for all others door. A YBA is the only way to juke west doors and south auto-doors. Note that in addition to juking transitions, YBAs usually have other effects as well.

Item jukes

East and south doors can be juked by using a carryable object to snap past the transition.

Toss method

This method for juking works with both somaria blocks and bombs, the only difference being that bombs are temporary and can deal damage to Link, with the bonus that they can be walked over. This method can be used on both east and south normal doors. It does not work on any auto doors.

  1. Snap to the deepest pixel
  2. Pick up the item and press the direction out of the door (^ for south doors; < for east doors)
  3. Throw the item
  4. Move into the door exactly 2 pixels
    • This is best done while the block or bomb is in the air, especially when using dash buffers
    • Tapping directionals works for getting on the correct pixel, but is less consistent and not necessarily faster than using dash buffers. If a somaria block has already landed, tapping still works, but will take longer, as the block will need to be pushed first.
  5. Pick up the item and press the direction out of the door (^ for south doors; < for east doors)

Bomb method

This method for juking only works on east doors, but it works on both normal and auto doors. It is the only way to juke an auto door without YBAs.

  1. Snap to the deepest pixel with bombs
  2. Place a bomb (placing it to the north provides the best visibility)
  3. Right before the bomb is about to explode (~150f after placing; count 3 flashes) press > then press A on the next frame

Both methods put Link 2 pixels past the transition trigger. By moving further into the next room, the transition can be activated from the other side.

Speedrun Applications

Eastern Palace Big Key Juke

This trick allows the player to access the Big Key in Eastern Palace quickly if you have Cane of Somaria (and some magic) or Bombs. Because of desync and uncooperative transitions after the trick is done, you'll be unable to continue with the dungeon "as normal" after performing this. You'll have to deathwarp, use the Mirror, or S&Q.

Technique with Somaria:

Optimal Method Using Two Snaps


  • Place a block right out of the doorway. You can also do this to the left, but there's one less pixel you can place the block at, making it more precise for no gain. Make sure you're holding > the entire time here so that Link never moves away from the door more than necessary. Your y-coordinate should be 8C0. You'll have 4 x-coordinates you can place the block at and be able to grab it from the doorway: 279-27C.
  • Hold sword facing right and back into the doorway until Link is at least down to 8D2. Lift the block and press ^ to snap deeper in the door to y-coordinate 8D8. The lowest pixel you can grab the block at depends on the x-coordinate you placed it on, but you'll always have a few pixels of leniency.
  • After snapping to 8D8, throw the block, hold sword, and back down to y-coordinate 8E2 or 8E3. The reason we hold sword is so that we can land on both of those pixels, making this a two frame window to work. If you go to 8E4, you'll transition, which can be costly depending on the category and magic route stuff since you'll lose your somaria block. If you stop high above 8E2, you can back it up with the 3 snap strat shown below.
  • If you're able to stop on 8E2 or 8E3, lift the block and tap ^ to snap to 8E8. Throw the block and quickly tap v and then hold ^. Make sure you get those inputs in before the block lands, and you should transition to the cannonball highway room.
  • The camera will be slightly incorrect in the cannonball highway room, but it's not too much trouble to get a feel for where you are. You'll be on the upper catwalk part close to the door to the Eastern Big Key room. Hold <^ until you can see the upper catwalk start to appear at the top of your screen, then hold < to transition to the Big Key room. Hit the floor switch and open the chest to get the Big Key (you can't be hit by anything in this room, so don't worry about the enemies). If you want to deathwarp, go and use the Big Key door at the top of the room. You'll transition right on top of the group of antifairies that surround the pot where you can damage yourself down to 0hp.

Three Snap Method

The Three Snap method is an option that can either be a backup to grabbing the block above 8E2 after the first throw with the Two Snap strat or as an approach in itself.


  • Similar to above except after the snap to 8D8, an intermediate snap is performed.
  • After the throw at 8D8, tap v and wait for the block to land. Lift it and tap ^ to snap Link deeper in the door to y-coord 8E0. This position is very close to 8E2 and 8E3. You'll definitely want to do it this way if select buffering, and some even prefer it with sword out tapping as well.

Safety Options

This video shows three useful safeties you can use. You can opt for all of them or mix and match with the above strats.

  1. Hold sword facing left/right before the door: This can make placing the block accurately out of the doorway easier. Remember to still hold perpendicular to the doorway to make sure you y-coord keeps as close to the door as possible.
  2. Select buffer to 8E2 or 8E3: Select buffering will let you precisely control your movement in the doorway. If you're more comfortable with this than tapping the dpad with sword out, then it can be a good option.
  3. Pop the block after throwing it for the final time: this will prevent the block from ever getting in your way when you do the quick v into ^ move to transition.

Backup for Poor Block Placement or Grabbing High

If you place the block too far away from the doorway or you grab the block higher than y-coord 8D2, you can do this to avoid having to place a new block. Throw the block south at the doorway and then enter the door as the block is in the air. Inch closely to it until you're able to pick it up at or below 8D2 so you can snap. Holding sword as you approach the block from below can help with keeping you from getting too high and being unable to snap down.

Mirror door

Main article: Mirror Door

Mirror door, along with its other effects, acts as a door juke.

Statue drag

By mirroring while Link is standing in front of a statue, the game will continue to think that he is in front of it, and an invisible statue can be dragged with A.

Statue dragging only works on normal doors, but it is also the only way to juke supertile doors, north doors, and entrances.


Statue Drag to Helmasaur

This is an important trick for most MG runs that have to defeat King Helmasaur as it allows very quick access to the fight and the player doesn't need the Big Key.

alternate pots

Sometimes you'll want a heart here in the lower right pot, or maybe your bomb route doesn't need the pots in the other video. Make sure you're familiar with how to scroll the camera. File


  • Have the door leading to the Junction Room unlocked. Most routes will unlock this by default, and you'll never have to think about it but just in case -- it's essential for this trick to work that it's unlocked.
  • Mirror while touching the pushable statue. This will store Statue Drag.
  • Walk up to the door above. DON'T dash, any A press will start using our Statue Drag state. Place a bomb while facing up near the doorway. We want this bomb to damage us in the doorway, and there are 5 y-coordinates you can place it on and have this happen: 930-934. Some players will intentionally walk off-center and nudge at the door, which makes placing on the highest coordinate (930) very consistent, which is desirable for reasons we'll see in the next step.
  • After placing the bomb, walk into the doorway, face down, begin holding A (activating our Statue Drag state), and move upwards onto a specific window. We want to take damage from the bomb while at or above y-coordinate 911 so that we're snapped to 910 and lose door-state (taking damage in doors will allow us to use items and sword). The exact window gets substantially larger the further up your bomb placement was. If you placed on 930, your working positions for getting hit will be 911-90A, an 8px window. But if you placed at 934, only 911-910 work for just a 2px window.
  • You should now be snapped to 910 and have the ability to slash and use items. Face left and place another bomb. It's important you don't place this bomb downwards because we need it to damage us later, and its hitbox won't reach if placed while Link is facing down.
  • Slash sword twice quickly but don't mash. This is a timing mechanism to make sure we get hit by the bomb during a specific window of our next Statue Drag. If you press the 2nd B too quickly, your 2nd slash animation may cancel your first and you'll end up going too fast. After slashing, tap v and begin holding A to activate Statue Drag again and quickly begin dragging upwards until you get hit. We want our drag to take Link higher than y-coordinate 900 such that when he's damaged, he is snapped down to 900. If you go too high (8F8 or above), the bomb will snap you to 8F8, where you'll have to Mirror and start the trick over. If you're too low when taking damage, you may get snapped to 900, but the next part of the trick will fail. You'll have to Mirror and start over. This positioning is all in the slash setup for timing, so work on that while watching your coordinates and you should be able to get it down.
  • After taking damage, make sure you let go of ^ before Link is out of his damage knockback frames. We now want to walk down to the entrance doorway. If you're walking down and the camera doesn't begin to scroll below the doorway, you didn't drag above 900 in the step above, which means Mirroring and starting from the top. If you do have the funky scroll, walk partially into the entrance doorway, face up, and hold A to start another Statue Drag. Drag downwards into the y-coordinate window 9E6-9FF (massive window) before letting go of A and walking down through the door.
  • We are now in the 3-section room with the mini-helmas on the sides. The camera can make it difficult to tell where in the room you are, but the goal now is to open the bottom right door using the floor switch under the top-right pot in the room. We then want to use the door while having the camera set to a certain height. You may also want to grab certain bomb or heart pots in the room depending on the exact category and route you're playing.
  • what 08FF camera looks like
    After you've opened the door, we want the vertical camera position to be 08FF or lower before going through it. To watch this value in the practice hack, open up the menu and go > HUD Extras > Super Watch > UW Glitches. The bottom left value with the camera next to it is your y-camera scroll position. You can also see the screenshot of the camera at that spot. There are a couple different ways you can scroll the camera in this room (bonking, rapidly moving up and down). Choose what works best for you and your pot route in the room. If you go through the bottom right door with a bad camera, the trick will fail and you'll have to Mirror and start over.
  • In this next room, we need to hit a floor switch that's slightly down and to our right without EVER moving up at all. It is therefore critical that you don't walk below the switch while moving to it, as then you're left with no choice but to move up to press it, which will make the next transition fail. The lowest you can walk and still hit the switch is y-coord A49. The highest position you can activate it from is A3A. This is a full tile 16px window, so it shouldn't be too hard to get down and develop good cues. After hitting the floor switch, walk back left and dash down to transition.
  • You're now in King Helmasaur's room but trapped behind the spike wall at the top. Hold < until Link takes damage (he's running into a spike) and then roll to <^ during your knockback frames to escape the spike wall. You can then walk down along the left side of the room and begin fighting Helma.
  • A common strat with this fight is just after transitioning in, place a bomb and throw it down. There are a couple of Helma's walking patterns where this won't hit, but when it does it can make the fight much easier as the bomb will deal 4 hammer hits worth of damage to Helma's mask.