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An EG Kick is a trick that forces Link in-bounds from EG by visiting specific Supertiles on the EG Map. When Link enters a Supertile with a movable wall (ie. Desert Torches, Mire Torches, PoD Eye Statue) or a room with dynamic conveyor belts (ie. Mothula's Room, Ice Palace Conveyor Room), he will immediately be popped out of EG. This can be a useful way to access such rooms, but it can also be used to access rooms adjacent to those Supertiles on the EG Map.


PoD Dark Maze Kick

The relevant Supertiles for this trick. The player EGs to Bumper Beetles and enters Moth's tile to get kicked in-bounds to Dark Maze
This is a significant trick in many modern MG routes because of how quickly Hammer can be accessed from EG. Moth's Supertile is used to kick in-bounds one Supertile north, which is PoD's Dark Maze Room.

To execute the kick, the player needs to enter Moth's Supertile from the Bumper Beetle Supertile on one of 3 y-coordinates: 404-406. Then while in Moth's Supertile, press v to get snapped into the transition to PoD Dark Maze. The setups to get in the correct position vary based on the category and route. If you transition north accidentally from moving higher than 404, you'll be able to transition south and try again, but if you transition west while lower than 406, you'll be snapped in-bounds to the top-right room in Moth's Supertile, which has nothing for you to do and no way out besides S&Q or Mirror (if you're in a dungeon).

Coming From North

If you're coming from north of Bumper Beetles (typically this means you entered EG in Spec Rock Cave), you'll want to use these strats.


  • In the Hammerbridge room, there is a lot of collision you can run into in EG on your way south to the Bumper Beetle Supertile. To avoid this, we want to move right some before dashing down. For this setup, you'll want to be in the x-coordinate window 461-468 before dashing. This is made much easier by holding v> before dashing so that you can see Link and position him accurately.
  • In the Bumper Beetle Supertile, hold B and v. We're hunting a 3px y-coordinate window: 465-467. Use Link's shield as a cue for this placement.
  • Buffer in <^ when you're in the correct spot. The video uses a pause to bombs, but you can also use sword or spin attack or whatever you like. You should transition to the Moth Supertile, where you then just want to hold v to transition to Dark Maze.


  • You'll want to get further right than x-coordinate 460 to avoid bonking in the Hammerbridge room going south into Bumper Beetles.
  • In the Bumper Beetles Supertile, place a bomb first thing after transitioning and wait for it to hit Link. The bomb will recoil Link against the screen transition but without him being transitioned north again.
  • From here, just hold < until Link transitions to the Moth Supertile and then hold v to kick into Dark Maze.
  • This strat uses a bomb and takes damage, so depending on the category/route, this could be a bad idea. It's a foolproof method otherwise though. It can also serve as a useful backup if you lose initial position for getting the above strat to work.

Mothula Kick

Lanmolas Kick