Graveyard Ledge Clip

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Graveyard Ledge Clip is a clip used to get from lower Death Mountain to the area above the Graveyard Ledge Heart Piece Cave. In RMG and MG categories, this clip provides a very fast way to access the Heart Piece or to get to King's Tomb for the Magic Cape.


  • Get Spinspeed and walk down along the slope to Link's left. It is extremely important that you hold v while walking into the slope in order to set your subpixel value consistently. Not doing this can yield different jumps when you go to clip.
  • After you touch the bottom wall, roll to <v. Link should clip the corner and jump.
  • While Link is in midair, begin holding <^ and keep this held until after he lands.
  • After Link has landed, roll to ^ and you should trigger the screen transition.

If any aspect of the above inputs goes wrong, you're very likely to jump down and be unable to transition, which is effectively a softlock. You'll have to S&Q or Flute to escape.

Boulder Backup

It is important to know that getting hit can alter your subpixel value. If you get hit in the corner by a boulder while doing this trick, make sure you walk back down the slope before clipping.

Kings Tomb

If your goal with this clip is to get to King's Tomb, walk straight right after the transition and jump the ledge. This will always put you in a good in-bounds spot. Make sure you don't move any up or down while walking right, as jumping this ledge in certain positions will land Link out-of-bounds in the trees, which is a softlock.