Hobo Clip

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Hobo Clip is a Major Glitch that allows the player to clip and jump into the water near the Stone Bridge in Light World to access Hobo quickly.

With Flippers


  • Get spinspeed (or hookspeed)
  • Hold ^ and tap ^> into the corner until Link jumps into the water. If you just hold diagonal like you can with most spinspeed corner clips, Link will not jump into the water.
  • If you jump really late into the corner clip, you'll get a high diagonal jump angle. This isn't a huge deal, just loses a little time.

Without Flippers


  • Stand along the slope somewhere in the y-coordinate window B78-B7E (a 7 pixel window).
  • Dash Buffer Clip right until Link jumps the ledge. He'll splash and get put back into the slope.
  • Using your preferred buffer method (video uses a Sword Buffer), buffer v>. This has a few frames of leniency, so you don't have to be ultra careful doing it. You'll know you have it from Link getting snapped up and slightly to the right.
  • Charge a dash and make sure Link is turned facing up before the charge completes. Hold ^ in the air and Link will hit the water and hop north. While he's in this small hop, begin holding < and he'll swim into the transition and you'll Fake Flipper onto the Hobo Screen.
  • If you hold < before the little north hop, disaster strikes in the form of an infinite scroll.