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Hovering is used to get across gaps that you'd normally fall into.

You can see an example of a 1:30min hover done by Malibukennn YouTube icon.svg here.

How to perform it

To do this, you must hold the A button, release it for only one frame, and then repress the A button on the next frame.

You can hold the A button between releasing it, but if you hold it for too long (30f or more), Link will finish charging a dash and you will fall. If you release the A button for more than 1 frame, Link will fall.

It's during the first A press that Link moves. Done repeatedly, you can cross any gap where there's a floor to walk onto on both sides.

Buffered Method

One technique you can use to achieve this, is to use select to buffer each release/press of the A button. More or less no one does it like this anymore, as the unbuffered method is a lot faster, and not much harder, if at all.

To do this, you must have good timing of canceling the select menu, pressing A, then reopening the select menu.

The exact timing is:

  1. Press Select
  2. Press a button to cancel the select menu
  3. Wait exactly two frames
  4. Press A
  5. Press Select again. If you press it too fast, you will be fine to keep going, you will just not advance across the gap.

Unbuffered Method

To do this unbuffered, there's several different techniques. Probably every runner who does unbuffered hovers will do it slightly differently.

Most players hold the controller sideways, with the face buttons facing either downward or upward, and quickly slide their index and middle fingers back and forth over the A button. Some use their nails, others the palm side.