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The jingle glitch is a data-spoofing Door Glitch that occurs when staircases to another floor are used on the same frame that a door opens. The result is Link being out of sync with where the game thinks he should be. The most obvious sign of this glitch is sprites being misplaced, and thus not visible. The only fix is to mirror immediately or otherwise reset the dungeon.


This glitch most commonly happens in 2 places:

Ice Palace

In the second room of Ice Palace, going down the spiral stairs when the last bari dies will trigger this glitch. The safest way is to not kill all the bari unless they are in your path. Using the fire rod as in high-level strats will have a long enough death animation that this glitch shouldn't happen.

Twitch icon.svg Example video

Ganon's Tower

In the laser eye room after torches 1, climbing the stairs at the same time the first torch goes out will also trigger this glitch. This is the more devastating occurrence, and less confident players should wait for the door closing jingle to play before advancing, especially when grabbing the full magic in the room.