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Kiki Skip is a Major Glitch that allows you to clip into the Shooter Key Room of Palace of Darkness from the diagonal Minimoldorm Room on Death Mountain, which is part of the Spectacle Rock Cave system. The trick is named for its ability to let you access the dungeon without the need to traverse the labyrinth and pay Kiki to enter, but it also has additional consequences that make it an essential trick in many RMG and MG Categories.

Routing Advantages

This trick is very powerful for a few reasons:

  • You don't have to get to PoD in the Dark World Overworld, and you don't have to collect the rupees to pay Kiki's entrance fee.
  • We begin in the Light World, and even though we clip to a Dark World dungeon, the game never changes the world variable. This allows us to explore the dungeon without Moon Pearl.
  • The cave we clip from on Death Mountain is at the bottom of the Underworld Map. When we transition south, we load the room at the top of the column on the map. This can be thought of as "wrapping" the map and a main consequence of this is that sprites won't load. This means no enemies, no crystal switches, no overlords (including the one that controls the Hammer Bridge's falling floor), and no King Helmasaur. This can make certain things much easier (ie. Hammer Jump without the floor falling) but you have to reload the dungeon properly if one of your goals is to defeat King Helmasaur.
  • Because we start in a cave, the game will still consider us to be in a cave even after clipping to PoD. This has our small key value set to FF, and if we've collected Hyrule Castle's Big Key, then we will have a Big Key in caves. If our only goal is to get the Hammer, this lets us do so very quickly.
  • We also have access to PoD's Big Key but while in a cave. Collecting this Big Key while still in the cave-state will give us the Big Key for Hyrule Castle, Desert Palace, and Tower of Hera. Some speedrun routes make use of this property.


Bomb Clip

When Entering the cave, hold ^< to reach the corner (coordinate FA7) and dash turn to bonk off of the left wall. From the landing position, you need to move north 4-6 pixels. The valid coordinates when facing north are FA1, FA2, and FA3. Place the bomb then line up with the bottom wall and dash along the slope when the bomb starts flashing. The bomb damage boost will put you inside the wall. Move exactly 1 frame north then press v> to clip through the wall in to Palace of Darkness.

Manual Clip

The manual clip uses Buffering to move 1 pixel at a time into the corner until Link can teleport. This is considered the hardest method of doing Kiki Skip, but has the advantages of working without Bombs, Somaria, or Boots.


  • Get in the bottom right corner and face down - coordinates 290, FC0. Sometimes due to movement engine stuff you'll land on 291, FC0, which is great. This just means you've gotten a free pixel into the wall right away.
  • From here, our goal is to clip right into the wall to 297, FC0 (or 7 pixels from the usual starting position). This requires repeating the following pattern 7 times:
    • ^> for one frame. ESSENTIAL that both directions on the diagonal occur at the same time. ^ before > or vice versa will not work. Equally essential that this input is held for only one frame. Use a buffer technique to accomplish this.
    • v - this can be held indefinitely.
  • When you get to 297-FC0 press v, roll to v>, and then go back to v. This will place you on 298, FC0
  • Do one more ^> for one frame and v sequence to get on 299-FC0.
  • From 299, FC0, move ^> for 2-5 frames. Essential that both directions on the diagonal occur at the same time.
  • Press v> to teleport. Again essential that both directions are same frame. Sword buffer recommended.

Failed Sword Buffer Backup

While doing the one frame ^> buffers, you will pop out of the wall if the diagonal wasn't same frame or if you move for more than one frame, however, if you specifically fail by doing a sword buffer with one frame of ^, you can rescue it with these inputs:

  • Begin holding A to begin a dash charge.
  • Begin holding v during the charge.
  • Release A before Link starts to dash.

If executed properly, you'll regain your position in the wall and be able to continue with the clip.

Clip with the help of the Somaria Block ( Somaria Training Wheels )

Using the Somaria Block is a huge advantage to get to the right position to clip to the lower floor of the Palace of Darkness. First of all position yourself on the correct pixel, to place the Somaria Block the way you need it.

Align with the bottom of Link's shadow and the white line of the ground tile which indicate the correct y-position as seen on Step 1.

Place the Somaria Block on to your right side as seen on Step 2 and position yourself between the Somaria Block and the wall as far to the right as possible.

Now you sword buffer your diagonal inputs up to 9px to the right to hit the correct x-position. The reason we want to have diagonal inputs is to move exactly one pixel to the right. Since it is not possible to push the Somaria Block with a diagonal input. If you move the Somaria Block by accident, you have to start over again from Step 1.

Use sword buffer to get clean diagonal inputs.

After reaching the correct x-position you have to move for at least 2 pixel with a ^> input. The maximum amount of pixel for moving diagonal is 5 pixel.

The final input is a v> to clip in to the lower floor of the Palace of Darkness.