Light World DMD

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Light World DMD is a clip that's roughly analogous to the usual DMD done in Dark World. It takes you from the area right outside Old Man Cave to the screen below, which is outside Sanctuary.



  • Spinspeed (or Hookspeed) to clip through the corner and jump down.
  • Tap left. You should see the camera shift slightly after doing this. This step often trips players up because it's not necessary in the normal Dark World version of this clip, but here it's very important.
  • Begin a dash charge, dash turn north during the charge, and bonk against the top wall. Hold down during the bonk.
  • Link should transition and FAWT into the next screen.

If things go wrong during this clip, it'll often lead to an infinite scroll, where there's no way out but to reset.

Bonk Rocks DMD

If you want to get Bonk Rocks Heart Piece, this version of the clip is a bit faster than doing the above one and then running there.


  • Same as above but after bonking, dash left until Link is at least to x-coordinate 63F. Being at that position or further left allows you to transition down onto the screen below right next to the Bonk Rocks.
  • Being further right than 63F just means that when you press down, you'll walk into solid collision that prevents you from transitioning. Just move left until you can walk down to the next screen.
  • You can't be too far left on this screen, but you can transition left, which is bad. It's a wide window to move down though, so this shouldn't happen.