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Lonk is a glitched-state where the game has Link graphically depicted in his human form, but he's mechanically operating as Bunny Link. This means Link can't use sword or boots, and his walk animation uses the Bunny's shorter animation cycle. It is performed by taking damage and getting knocked into a transition between the overworld and the underworld. It cannot be performed if Link has the Moon Pearl. Lonk is considered a Minor Glitch.

Technical Details

For a detailed breakdown of how the glitch works, read this explication by kan


Escaping Escape in RMG Categories

Lonk is essential for most modern RMG routes. It allows the player to escape the game's opening sequence after visiting Uncle. Hyrule Castle Escape can then be cleaned up later with items like Boots and Mirror significantly speeding it up.

The trick requires 3 things:

  1. Get EG armed by saving and quitting while jumping a ledge indoors
  2. In the Castle Courtyard, have the sword-wielding soldier hit you into transition to Hyrule Castle
  3. Go out onto the upper level of Hyrule Castle and get hit by the barrier to Agahnim's Tower. This will put Link into Overworld EG, where he can bypass the Gold Knight blocking a path out of the castle.

Strategy for Getting Lonk

Things to know:

  • Hit the guard down and away from you to give yourself time to set the trick up. You want to hit him at an angle such that when he attacks, he'll be hitting you from Link's bottom right. If he hits you from the left, the trick won't work. You can optimize hitting the guard some by slashing the guard's sword instead of the guard directly because it will give him less knockback. Be aware that this will give you less time to setup afterwards though.
  • Open the Castle door and enter it slightly before backing down. This will normalize your x-coordinate to 7F8.
  • Hold sword so Link moves more slowly and your position can be more easily adjusted in small increments. Your x-coordinate has been solved but now you want to move down to a good y-position. The best coordinate to be on is y-713. This position is fully consistent and reliable. Positions higher than this (710, 711, 712) can work but will often fail from the guard hitting you at the wrong angle into the door. Being even one pixel lower than 713 will always fail.
  • From your y-position (hopefully y-713), wait for the guard to hit you and then hold up into the transition. If successful you'll notice a wonky walk animation from Link in the Castle Lobby. From here, the trick is just all walking and getting damaged on the barrier.