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Lost Woods HP Cave EG is a method for entering Exploration Glitch in the Heart Piece Cave in Lost Woods. This is a significant trick in the 100% MG Speedrun route as it allows players to quickly get two out of the way items in Lost Woods (the Mushroom and the Heart Piece) and chain that with getting to Mire for Cane of Somaria.

Bomb Clip


  • Go straight up from the doorway. Link should be against the right wall of the room (x-coordinate: 2B0).
  • Get Link facing down on y-coordinate CED. This is the only position the trick will work on. If you position him here and you're facing upwards, just Dash Turn south before the next step.
  • Place a Bomb and slash your sword so that you can go into a perfect diagonal (begin holding <v during the slash animation). If you press v before < or vice versa, you'll end up in the incorrect position, so a perfect diagonal is essential for the trick.
  • Continue holding <v until you touch the NPC. He will stop your movement on y-coordinate 2D1, which is exactly what we want. From here, you can roll the dpad to < before letting go of the dpad. This will prevent you from moving down any further.
  • When the Bomb starts flashing, begin a dash charge and dash right. You should get hit by the Bomb and boosted into the wall. Press ^ and then < to get snapped completely out-of-bounds. You should now be in EG.