Mirror Shield Ledge

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Mirror Shield Ledge Clip is a way to clip down to the ledge that gives access to the middle of Turtle Rock. It can also give the player early access to Mimic Cave.



Do a Spinspeed and just walk diagonally through the corner. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Dash Hop

If you're coming from the upper out-of-bounds area, you can jump down high and do the above Spinspeed strat, or you can be a little quicker and do this.

  • Dash off the ledge on the y-coordinate window 128 to 124.
  • After jumping go neutral on the dpad. Start a dash when you land and dash turn south during the charge. Link should jump the ledge.
  • If you're lower than 128 on the jump, you'll jump all the way down to the bottom of Death Mountain with a weird camera. See the backup below for how to fix this.
  • If you're higher than 124, your jump won't clip the ledge enough to be able to dash hop. You'll have to resort to Spinspeed instead.


If you jump lower than 128, you'll land all the way down the mountain with a funky camera. This is a big timeloss but you don't have to S&Q and get back here. Instead just move up and down to scroll the camera until Link's true position is displayed. You can then make your way to Superbunny Cave and climb back up to the area above Mirror Shield Ledge.


If you recognize that you've jumped on 128 or 127, you can quickhop to save a bit of time. Because of how bad it is to jump below 128, it's important to be careful intentionally going for this.