River Clip

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The River Clip is used to enter Hyrule Castle or Agahnim's Tower with the help of Major Glitches

With Boots and the Hookshot

  • Align the top of Link's head with the top of the ledge located to the south east
  • Do an Item Dash with the Hookshot (Y+A) and move to the right while holding B
  • If you can not move any further to the right, hold A and you automatically drop down the ledge
  • Dash 1 screen to the right, move a bit down, and continue dashing to the right
  • You will enter the screen west of Hyrule Castle and can now enter Hyrule Castle or Agahnim's Tower

Tips and Tricks

  • If you bonk while having EG, you have to reset your console to get back to the state. Depending on the category, the run is over
  • If you are fast enough, you do not need to kill the Green Guardian
  • If you clip to low, you will end up on the wrong position. The outcome is different, so you will notice