River FAWT

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Clip used to bypass the gold guards outside of Link's House while in Rain-State.


  • Start on coords 9D2, B5A
  • Move 4 pixels north (2x sword buffer up) to 9D2, B57
  • Slash sword and hold ^> to get on 9D2, B56
  • From here, you need to move 3 pixels downright with 3 frames of v>. The most aggressive way to do this is to slash sword, start holding v> and then slash sword again to buffer letting go of the dpad after 3 frames of movement. To be safer, you can use select buffers for these frames. This step should end on 9D5, B59
  • Next you need to move straight north to 9D5, B54. You can do this through 3 sword buffers up or through just tapping north. Due to quirks in the collision, you'll land in the correct spot from a 4-frame tap or a 5-frame tap.
  • Now move downright 4-5 pixels to either 9D9, B58 or 9DA, B59. You can do this with the same methods as the prior 3 frame diagonal move. It should be easier though since you have 2 positions you can stop on.
  • From either of those two positions, just hold up to jump in the water and then hold right while Link is in the air.