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Makes SNES buttons pretty.

{{B|A}} A
{{B|B}} B
{{B|X}} X
{{B|Y}} Y
{{B|L}} L
{{B|R}} R
{{B|Start}} Start
{{B|Select}} Select
{{B|Directional}} directional
{{B|D}} d
{{B|^}} ^
{{B|v}} v
{{B|<}} <
{{B|>}} >
{{B|^<}} ^<
{{B|^>}} ^>
{{B|^v}} ^v
{{B|v<}} v<
{{B|v>}} v>
{{B|^<}} ^<
{{B|^v<>}} ^v<>


Multiple buttons can be displayed by a single template call, with several delimiters being recognized as special text.

{{B|A|B|<|>}} AB<>
{{B|A|+|B||+|<^}} A+B+<^
{{B|A|,|B|,|<|,|>}} A,B,<,>
{{B|A|;|B|;|<|;|>}} A;B;<;>