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A theory run is a segmented run using either video-editing tools or emulator rerecord tools to create the appearance of an unsegmented run for the purposes of showcasing a level of gameplay that is difficult to achieve in real time or a new route idea without any mistakes. A theory splice is a run spliced together of best segments to showcase the pinnacle of a player's real-time capabilities. A theory TAS or low optimized tool-assisted demonstration (LOTAD) is an emulator input file that goes through a route without mistakes. The term "theory TAS" is also used to refer to splices. The main difference, besides method of creation, is that a theory splice generally goes for optimal execution, to the best of the creator's abilities, whereas a TAS is focused on straightforward performance of the route, as a demonstration.


No Major Glitches
All Dungeons
Any% No EG/DG/WW


No Major Glitches
Low% All Dungeons (No EG/DG)
Low% All Bosses (No EG)
Max Keys
Parallel Worlds