Witch Hut DMD

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Witch Hut DMD is a Major Glitch and clip that allows you to get from the lower east section of Death Mountain to the screen with the Witch's Hut.


Because the top of the Witch Hut screen is a few tiles of solid wall, we'll need to FAWT for this to work.


  • Get spinspeed.
  • Face Link down along the bottom wall.
  • Hold v and tap v> until Link jumps. It is important that your taps on v> are fairly light. If you hold v> for more than 4 frames, you can get a bad jump.
  • If your inputs are good, Link will jump at a straight downwards angle. Hold ^ in the air until the transition occurs and you should FAWT into the Witch Hut screen.
  • If your inputs are bad, Link will jump at a diagonal downright angle and won't land close enough to the transition to FAWT. There's no good way to rescue this, and you'll have to S&Q or Flute away.

This clip works the same way in both the Light and Dark Worlds.