Bombos Tablet Clip

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Bombos Tablet Clip is a Major Glitch that allows access to the Bombos Tablet without having to Mirror to it from Dark World.


This trick uses a Teleport to access the ledge hop from the wrong side and jump to the higher ground. This can be done in different ways.

Dash Buffer Clip

This method uses Dash Buffer Clipping to get a downwards teleport.

  • There are two y-coordinates you can start the clip from: E94 and E93
  • From E94 clip left to x-coordinate 463.
  • From E93 clip left to x-coordinate 462.

Citrus Clip

You can also use a Citrus clip. This is around the same speed and works without having the Boots.

Start the clip on y-coordinate E9A. Use normal citrus clip inputs from there.