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System FPS FPH diff
SNES 60.0988 ± 0s00f
Super NT (Zero Delay) 60.0000 − 5s55f
Super NT (Single Buffer) 60.0988 ± 0s00f
SNESClassic 60.0000 − 5s55f
Emulator 60.0988 ± 0s00f
Time lost per hour versus Super Nintendo (fps: 60.0988) assuming invariable frequency

SNES Classic Text timesave

The SNES Classic saves some time over SNES and emulator on long NPC interactions (specifically on textboxes that scroll multiple lines at a time).

The timesave on all NPC interactions across an Any% NMG run is documented in this spreadsheet.

Total Relative time difference

Any% NMG (assuming 1:25:00 run)

  • Time loss due to FPS differences: 8.398s
  • Time saved from text: 4.44s
  • Total timeloss: 3.958s

Master Sword NMG (assuming 22:00 run)

  • Time loss due to FPS differences: 2.174s
  • Time saved from text: 2.872s
  • Total timeloss: -0.699s (or 0.699 seconds saved)

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