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Hera Lobby EG is a trick that allows the player to clip into EG in Hera's Lobby. This can be done to accomplish a few different things and is a trick used in many MG Speedruns.


The best method to clip depends on a combination of player preference, where the player wishes to go, and what items Link has.

Citrus Clip

Lower Citrus Clip

A citrus clip done low on the wall starting at y-coordinate FA2 File

Upper Citrus Clip

A citrus clip done high on the wall starting at y-coordinate F7A File

A Citrus clip can be done at a number of different places along the left slope. The two most common places to start it are at y-coordinate FA2 (the lowest position you can citrus at) or F7A (the highest position). If you don't know how to citrus clip, see the Citrus clip page for the inputs to do from those starting coordinates.

The lower citrus is more useful if you wish to transition to the room south of Hera Lobby on the EG Map. You'll want to take this route if you're doing Attic Skip, for example. The upper citrus is useful if you're going to the Fairy Pot because it allows you to more easily dash up the left side of the room cleanly.

Dash Citrus

A dash citrus can be done in the corner. You'd probably only want to do this version if you wanted to go south (ie. for attic skip).

Peg Clip

A unique type of clip can be done here using the pegs to snap into the slope some.


  • Walk left into the slope with the orange pegs down. You want to dash turn right and hit the switch in a specific window along the slope: from y-coord F9E to F9A. A good visual cue for this range is when you start to see orange pixels from the bottom floor peg tile appear under Link's shadow.
  • Press ^ followed by >. Due to peg physics stuff you should get snapped leftwards into the slope. You should now be on coordinates E70, FA0. If you were too low, you'll just walk out of the pegs when you go to snap, and if you were too high, you'll snap to the wrong position. If you did it correctly and were snapped to E70, FA0, hit the switch again and begin the next step.
  • Now we need to make it to E6B, F9C to arm a downwards teleport. This position is 4px up and 5px left of where we are now, and a variety of inputs work to get in the correct spot. You can experiment with what way you prefer, but the way that's shown in the video is nice because it doesn't require any diagonal buffering, which makes this clip easier in comparison to the other methods that do. The video does one buffer up (using a pause buffer if you have an item you can switch to, this is helpful because a sword buffer risks hitting the switch from our current position -- if you do sword buffer, probably smart to dash turn Link north before buffering to ensure this doesn't happen), followed by three buffers left, and then one more buffer up. You should now be on E6B, F9C.
  • From here, slash and hold <v during the slash animation to teleport. This clip is something you'd probably only want to do when going south (such as for attic skip).

Bomb Clip

This clip is useful if you want to go down or downleft on the map after getting into EG, and despite being done on the right side, it's also quite competitive going to the Fairy Pot.


  • Hit the switch so the blue pegs are down and orange are up and move Link against the bottom left corner of the left set of orange pegs blocking the stairs to the Beetle room. You want to get Link on x-coordinate F40 (which is aligned with the left side of those pegs) and you want to throw the bomb right from one of 4 y-coords: F74-F77. Nudging the corner is helpful as you'll get a full 4 frame window to land in that window.
  • After throwing, move down to the bottom wall. You can slash sword once like the video does as a timing mechanism. This automates things to where you can dash as soon as you get to the bottom wall without any worry for being early.
  • Dash right and get hit by the bomb into the slope. Press ^ followed by < to snap Link fully out-of-bounds.


Fairy Pot

Attic Skip

Attic Skip is a trick where we blow open the Attic Bombfloor in Thieves' Town to skip having to do it later. This can save a good chunk of time in MG Speedrun Thieves' routing.

Make sure you don't touch the Supertile with the Drowned Chest and 3rd Lever Rooms in Swamp Palace. It will softlock you and you'll have to Mirror out.

For bombing the Attic floor, there are two main strats you can use:

  1. After transitioning when you're sure you have control of Link (the enemies starting to move is a good cue), press Y to place a bomb, pick it up, and then start holding <^. Keep holding diagonal until the bomb explodes. This will consistently open the floor and is a fast option if you plan to Mirror out after.
  2. Hold ^ coming into the room and place the bomb shortly after you see the enemies start to move. This takes getting a bit of a feel for but shouldn't be too hard. Pick up the bomb and keep walking north until the camera starts to scroll. Throw the bomb to the left. This strat is good if you want to avoid damage or if you want to continue in EG to the Fairy Pot. Make sure if you're dashing north to hesitate starting your dash after throwing the bomb or you will almost certainly get a slow dash.