Hera to Swamp Teleport

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The Hera-to-Swamp Teleport is a downward teleport from the Big Chest room in Tower of Hera to the Swamp Palace Hammer Peg Lever. Its purpose is usually to get Hookshot out of sequence. It is performed using one of three main methods. You'll also want to use Buffering of some kind to precisely control Link's movements.

Note that a normal style Citrus clip will not work for this trick. The railing gets in the way of Link accessing the spot to teleport from.

Traditional Left Corner Clipping

In the lower left corner of the room (E90, 5C0), use the traditional left-side downwards teleport inputs:

  • <^ (1 frame) v E8F, 5C0
  • <^ (1 frame) v E8E, 5C0
  • <^ (1 frame) v E8D, 5C0
  • <^ (3 frames) E8A, 5BD
  • < (4 frames) E84, 5BD - this section can be done using only 3 sword buffers to the left. This is because each buffer will reset Link's speed to 2 pixels.
  • <^ (1-2 frames) E83, 5BC or E82, 5BB
  • <v to teleport

For inputs without parentheses, it doesn't matter how long you hold them.

Dash Citrus

An alternate style of clipping left corners.

Get in the lower left corner and use the following inputs:

  • < (1 frame) v E8F, 5C0
  • <^ (3 frames) E8C, 5BD
  • Dash left for 3-4 frames. You have a 2 frame window to cancel this dash. E84, 5BD
  • <^ (1-2 frames) E83, 5BC or E82, 5BB
  • <v to teleport

Bomb Clip

  • Bonk down into the corner. So long as the pot is still there, this will normalize your x-coordinate to E90. If you fail the trick and have to set it up again, you'll have to manually find this position since the pot will no longer be there.
  • Walk down to one of three y-coordinate positions: 596, 597, or 598.
  • Dash Turn left and place a bomb.
  • Walk down into the corner and align Link with the bottom wall. Turn right, lift the pot, and Sword Buffer once to the right. This is done to manipulate your subpixel value to 80, 00. If you don't do this step or you fail it, then you may have to do additional adjustments after clipping.
  • When the bomb starts flashing, dash into it. If you're doing the subpixel manipulation, make sure you don't walk at all before dashing (turn left during your charge).
  • Sword Buffer once north and then check your position. Here is a useful album of the possible positions you can have after the first buffer. If you properly manipulated Link's subpixel value and did a proper 1 frame Sword Buffer, then the first image should be true, and you'll just need an additional Sword Buffer up. If not, you'll have to do additional corrections to get onto the teleport spot.
  • From the final position E83, 5BC, you can teleport with <v