Swamp Teleport

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The Swamp Teleport is a downward teleport from the Big Chest room in Tower of Hera to the Swamp Palace Hammer Peg Lever.

It is done in the lower left corner of the room with the normal left-side down teleport inputs:

<^ (1 frame) v

<^ (1 frame) v

<^ (1 frame) v

<^ (3 frames)

< (4 frames)

  • this section can be done using only 3 sword buffers to the left. This is because each buffer will reset Link's speed to 2 pixels.

<^ (1-2 frames)

<v to teleport


This clip is used in a few categories to travel from Tower of Hera to Swamp Palace.

Any% No EG

In the easier route that gets the Moon Pearl and the Hookshot, this clip can be used to skip grabbing the Big Key in Swamp Palace. First the door to the Hammer Peg Lever must be unlocked normally, then the player save and quits to the Old Man on Death Mountain, clips into Tower of Hera, and does this clip to get back into Swamp, using Hera's Big Key to open the Big Chest and get the Hookshot.

All Dungeons No EG

In the optimal route of this category, the player can use this clip in conjunction with the Hera Teleport to get the Hookshot from Misery Mire. After collecting Mire's Big Key and an extra small key, the player must do the Hera Teleport, followed by this clip. This will get them access to the Hookshot using Mire's Big Key, skipping all of Swamp's west side rooms later in the run.