Tool-Assisted Speedrun

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A Tool-Assisted Speedrun or TAS is any run created using emulator rerecording tools to play the game at as perfect a level as possible. Theory runs such as LOTADs are a similar category that aim simply for completion. This article covers TASes which were made with the intent of extreme optimization.


Note: TASes are timed from power on to final input.

No Major Glitches

Date Author Time Frames Link
2005-04-24 flagitious 1:20:16.13 288968 TASVideos ico.png 325M
2009-04-06 Tompa 1:16:11.05 285063 TASVideos ico.png 1269M


Date Author Time Frames Link
2018-11-17 fmp, Yuzuhara 52:52.44 190660 TASVideos ico.png 3874M

Any% EG

Date Author Time Frames Link
2005-02-26 OmnipotentEntity 4:17.03 15422 TASVideos ico.png 301M
2005-04-30 OmnipotentEntity 3:48.25 13695 TASVideos ico.png 328M
2007-05-22 Erokky 3:34.35 13521 TASVideos ico.png 869M
2008-06-17 Deign 3:44.95 13497 TASVideos ico.png 1125M
2008-10-23 Tompa 3:44.67 13480 TASVideos ico.png 1210M
2010-08-03 Tompa 3:44.65 13479 TASVideos ico.png 1588M
2013-08-27 Tompa 2:13.21 8006 TASVideos ico.png 2449M

Any% ACE

Date Author Time Frames Link
2019-1-18 fmp, Yuzuhara, total 00:54.53 3277 TASVideos ico.png 3898M