Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure

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This glitch works by corrupting the memory of the game. It is performed by using a potion in a bottle at the exact time Link is moving through a screen transition or a door.

This is usually done by getting as close to the transition as possible with the bottled potion equipped and then hitting the direction toward the transition and Y to drink the potion on the same frame. An exception to this is made with Suction Doors, where Link is unable to move in a little at a time. The usual technique for this is to Select Buffer Link's automatic movement until the last frame he's in the door, then drink the potion.

Found by Yuzuhara, c. 10 April 2014.


Depending on the potion and type of transition you use, YBA can have a number of different effects. For more on these application see: Fake Flute and Door Glitches

Technical Explanation

<@acmlm> indoors is the same glitch but with different effects 
<@acmlm> (and using green or red as well) 
<@acmlm> both happen because of $0010-0011 (game mode) changing twice in conflicting ways 
<@acmlm> outdoors YBA is 09 00 (normal overworld mode) -> 0E 0A (blue potion) -> 0E 0B (scroll start leading to flute warp) 
<@acmlm> scroll start alone (intended effect) is 09 00 -> 09 01 
<@acmlm> later versions fixed it by setting $0011 to 01 instead of incrementing so you get 0E 01 (item menu) 
<@acmlm> in dungeons it's 07 00 -> 0E xx -> $0011 incrementing once or twice depending on the potion and door 
<@acmlm> red+1 and red+2 are fade effects, green+1 is blue, green+2 is flute warp (used for infinite rupees in any% YBA) 
<@acmlm> without the flute warp you just stay past the screen edge and fun things happen