Door Glitches

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A set of major glitches that involve the use of door transitions on the underworld.

Door Juke

Main article: Door Juke

A glitch that allows Link to bypass subtile door transitions.

Somaria Door

Main article: Somaria Door

A class of glitches performed by pushing a somaria block on a door transition.

Includes several subclasses:

  • Somaria YBA
  • Spin somaria
  • Medallion somaria

Mirror Door

Main article: Mirror Door

A glitch performed by using the mirror on a subtile transition.

Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure

Main article: Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure

A specific subset of YBA performed on underworld doors.

Jingle Glitch

Main article: Jingle glitch

A usually accidental glitch caused by using stairs as a shutter door opens or closes.

Common Consequences

All door glitches behave uniquely, but there are common consequences shared between some of them.

Data Overwrite

Many door glitches can swap data between rooms. This may cause unintended behavior such as chests changing content, doors unlocking/relocking, or pit flags changing. The latter allows for Wrong Warps.

Position offsets

Door glitches can result in Link's supertile position being offset, such that when he next transitions, he may move to a tile not adjacent to where he currently is. Position offsets can also change the location of sprites, making it appear as if no sprites are spawned. They are, in fact, spawned; they are off screen, but may be briefly visible during transitions.

When the camera is offset, Link will appear to be in one room but with the collision of another.

Door Behavior Changes

Door glitches can change the behavior of super- and subtile doors. Causing them to act like the opposite; i.e. subtile transitions act like supertiles, and vice versa.

Game Mode changes

A handful of door glitches execute different scripts as a result of game mode corruption, usually with visible results. Generally, a variable related to the script needs to be set in some way for a desired result or to avoid an 18 minute timer lock.

More advanced explanation

Main article: Game mode

By transitioning on the same time as drinking a bottle or walking over a Somaria Block, the player animation of doing a transition is interrupted (Link is not "dragged" into the next room). However, the game will still recognize the transition and update certain memory addresses to indicate that you have now transitioned to the next room.

If you then keep moving towards the direction of the next room, the game will recognize yet another transition from the same door. This makes Link transition past screens, halfway into a room or similar. It is as if you were in the next room already when you started the transition.

If you don't keep moving towards the transition (for example performing transition+bottle on the same frame, but then releasing your dpad), Link will stay put, but the game thinks you entered a new room. This is what causes chests to have the wrong contents.

Note that you can stack Door Juke's - by performing multiple YBA's (and releasing dpad before bottle animation is over) you can trick the game to think you've transitioned multiple times. This can for example be used to fetch chest contents from "far-away" rooms.