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An itemdash is done by starting a dash on the same frame you use an item (by pressing Y+A on the same frame).

This will have different effects depending on which item you currently have equipped.


Itemdashing with the Boomerang will activate the boomerang on the same frame that your dash starts (32f after you hit Y+A).

If combined with hitting a different direction on your dpad from the one Link's facing, you can make the boomerang go one way, while Link dashes another. This also works for diagonal inputs.

An application of this can be found in Tower of Hera (Flying tiles room).


By performing a hookdash, you will arm Superspeed. Link will still shoot out his hook.

This is a trick often used while climbing ladders, since

  1. The hook will not travel far, making the animation quite fast
  2. You're already on a ladder, making superspeed easy to get.


Similar to hookdash, this will activate the medallion as if you just pressed Y, but coming out of the medallion's animation, Superspeed will be armed.


Hammerdash allows you to dash through pots or similar objects that can be destroyed by the hammer normally.

Link will not stop dashing, and so this can be used to go through multiple objects during the same dash, like demonstrated in the picture below.



There are certain situations where the flute will be on a cooldown:

  1. Right after activating the flute in Kakariko Village.
  2. Right after having used the flute.

By performing a flutedash in this situation, you will bypass the cooldown, and be able to use the flute faster than normally.


By netdashing into a pile of rock or in a tree that contains a fairy, you will automatically pick up the fairy, and also avoid bonking.


Other ones

Other itemdashes like Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Cane of Somaria or Cane of Byrna will delay the initial animation until after you stop the dash. This can enable you to dash earlier than what you normally would, but does not save frames in itself, since the animation is just delayed.

Itemdashing with Magic Cape however does save frames, since the animation of putting on the cape will be completely skipped. It will also bypass a cooldown that you get after switching your Inventory item to Magic Cape (you usually have to wait around a second before it can be used, for unknown reasons).