Cane of Somaria

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Skuj's Everyone's Favorite
Cane of Somaria Official Art


The Cane of Somaria is found in the Big Chest in Misery Mire.


When used, the Cane of Somaria will use 8MP (full magic bar is 128MP) and create a block. This block can be used to weigh down certain switches in the game and it can be dashed into (this will throw the block a large distance), pushed, or picked up and thrown by Link. If the player presses Y again, the block will explode into 4 bolts of energy that expand outward in the 4 cardinal directions. The block and the energy attack can damage certain enemies.

Somaria can also be used to create platforms that allow Link to navigate special tracks in Turtle Rock.

An Itemdash with Somaria can be an effective move in a speedrun. It will work with placing the block and also with exploding the block.

Somaria is also useful in glitched speedruns for its utility with Door Glitches