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One of Link's signature weapons :>
Boomerang Official Art


The blue boomerang can be found in two places. One is in Hyrule Castle, in a chest in the dungeons. The other is in a chest in the Chicken House in Kakariko Village.

The upgraded form of the boomerang can also be obtained in a couple of ways. One is to use the Waterfall of Wishing near the entrance to Zora's Domain. Throw the boomerang into the pond and a Fairy will come up and give Link the red boomerang. Another way to acquire it is the chest in the Doorless Hut in the Village of Outcasts. However, to get the red boomerang here, Link must not already have gotten the blue boomerang. Otherwise, the chest in the Doorless Hut will have 300 rupees.


The boomerang is a multipurpose item in A Link to the Past speedrunning.

It can collect drops such as rupees, arrows, bombs, fairies, keys, etc. and pull them to Link. A strange glitch with recovery hearts can happen sometimes where if Link pulls them to him with the boomerang, two hearts may be recovered instead of just one. Also, small keys which require the Pegasus Boots to knock down (such as the torch keys in Desert Palace and Ganon's Tower) are unable to be collected with the boomerang.

In combat, the boomerang will stun most enemies for a few seconds. Some enemies can be defeated by it, such as Keese and Chasupa. Other enemies may be unaffected or experience a shorter stun effect than normal. Enemies who are defeated after having been stunned by the boomerang will not use their default Prize Pack. Instead they will always drop a single green rupee.

In boss fights, the boomerang is only damaging against the Armos Knights. Each Knight will take 48 boomerang hits to defeat though.

The boomerang is the only projectile weapon in the game that can be thrown in a direction Link is not facing. This can be done by pressing the desired direction and Y on the same frame. It is also the only one that can be used diagonally.

The boomerang can be used in Itemdashes. Doing so, Link will throw the boomerang as soon as the dash is started after the charging animation. Unlike any other weapon in the game, the player has full control over the direction of the throw during a Boomerang Dash. However, if the player wishes to throw the boomerang in a direction that Link is not facing, the direction for the throw must be pressed on the same frame that the Itemdash is started on (so dpad+Y+A instead of simply Y+A). Additionally, if Link is throwing the boomerang anywhere but the cardinal direction he's facing in for the dash, the player must let go of the dpad or else the dash will be cancelled as soon as it starts.

Red and Blue Differences

The Red and Blue Boomerangs are identical in all of their functions. The only differences are:

  • The Blue Boomerang has a more limited range, traveling up to 64 pixels from Link before returning. The Red Boomerang can travel as far as 300 pixels, but usually it will hit the edge of the screen and come back to Link before that distance can be traveled.
  • The Blue Boomerang travels an average of 2 pixels per frame. The Red Boomerang moves a little faster at an average of 3 pixels per frame.
  • The Red Boomerang has a sparkling effect on it that makes it nice and pretty and also laggy as hell. Avoid using it in busy rooms or screens that are prone to lagging.