Low% (NMG, No S+Q)

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Low% (NMG, No S+Q)
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World Record 1h 24m 52s by wqqqqwrt on 11 Sep 2018
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Low% means you take the smaller amount of item and upgrade to beat the game.

Low% is like a normal run for the first tier, then the rest of the darkwold boss fight start changing a lot.

Here are the things that change

  • Skip the boomerang in escape
  • Skip the Sanctuary Heart
  • After Sanctuary, you can enter Houlihan from the hole east of the graveyard to pick up 210 rupees.
  • Do the normal route until Palace of Darkness (look at 100% strat for no boomerang stuff)
  • Do top hammer jump or pick the rupee in the dark world cave near swamp. (If you used Houlihan, you can do bottom hammer jump as normal and skip the swamp rupee cave)
  • After Thieves' Town don't upgrade your sword for tempered
  • Don't pick up 300 rupee chest at the south of DW Kakariko (Having skipped the blue boomerang, this chest will hold the red boomerang instead of 300 rupees.)
  • Go to Skull wood and do the normal route
  • The Mothula fight will be more difficult due to the lack of tempered sword; he will take 8 master sword slashes.
  • The puffs around Arrghus take 2 swords slashes instead of 1. You can hook one, slash, hook another, slash (killing the first), hook another, slash (killing the second.)
  • For Trinexx you want to use the hammer of the first head to avoid issues with magic
  • Ganon can only be hurt with master sword spin, sword slash does nothing.