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Any% (RMG)
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World Record 1m 31s by LomiigLomiig on 1 Feb 2017
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The purpose of Any% No EG is to finish the game using Out of Bounds glitches. The rules prohibits EG, DG and WW to make sure that the player will have to complete Ganon's Tower and Ganon in a somewhat normal fashion.

Generally you do Hyrule Castle and Eastern as normal, then you pick up some items needed for the rest of the game, with many options for safeties, and finally you do Ganon's Tower and Ganon with 4 or 5 heart pieces.

All routes will need to collect the following items:

  • Lantern: Needed to complete several screens.
  • Boomerang: For time save purposes.
  • Pegasus Boots: For convenience or for being able to Hover in the optimal route.
  • Mirror: For time save purpose or mandatory for getting Early Tempered Sword in the optimal route.
  • Hammer: Needed for one room in Ganon's Tower.
  • Tempered Sword: Fastest sword upgrade to pick up and needed for Ganon.

No EG tricks

Here's a list of the tricks generally involved in this category. Not all of them are used in all the routes.

Death Mountain Ascent (DMA)

The first basic trick is to be able to access Death Mountain without the gloves.

See the Death Mountain Ascent page.

Death Mountain Descent (DMD)

This trick allows you to escape Death Mountain. We use it because Death Mountain is the only place where you can enter the Dark World normally, without the Titan's Mitt or the Hammer, but you are normally stuck in it.

See the Death Mountain Descent page.

Entering PoD Area

This trick allows you to enter the area outside of Palace of Darkness after doing a DMD, without using the gloves.

See the Pod Clip page.

Entering Hera

There is a small Out of Bounds clip that allows to reach the entrance of Hera from the bottom of Death Mountain.

See the Hera Clip page.

Early Tempered

This trick allows you to get access to the frog (and thus, the tempered sword) without getting the Titan's Mitt.

See the Early Tempered page.

Kiki Skip

This trick allows you to enter Palace of Darkness from Death Mountain, without having to pay Kiki. It also allows for a quicker Palace of Darkness dungeon, since you can ignore small keys and enemies, and go straight to the Hammer.

See the Kiki Skip page.

Swamp Teleport

This trick, that works similar to Kiki Skip, allows you to be teleported from Tower of Hera to Swamp Palace, to skip the need to grab the Big key in Swamp Palace.

See the Swamp Teleport page.

Moldorm 2 skip

This skip makes it possible to complete the end of Ganon's Tower without Hookshot. Instead of killing Moldorm and hooking to the other side, you will Hover to the other side directly.

Walk On Water

If you are in Fake Flippers state and enter a waterfall cave and go out again, you will be able to walk and dash on water, which saves a lot of time reaching Zora in Zora's Domain.

See the Walk On Water page.

Entering Ganon's Tower

You can enter Ganon's Tower without getting all the crystals.

See the Ganon's Tower Clip page.

Eastern Clip

Use Out of Bounds clipping to traverse the overworld area before Eastern Palace a little bit faster.

See the Eastern Clip page.


Compared to Any% (NMG, No S+Q), this category offers you many different routes, depending on which tricks you can perform. The routes below is ordered easiest to hardest.

Easy route

This route doesn't require any hard tricks, but you still only have 4-5 hearts of Ganon's Tower and Ganon. Steps in parenthesis are just extra safeties you can pick up.

  • Hyrule Castle
  • (Sanctuary heart)
  • S+Q to Link's house
  • Eastern Palace (try to get 10 rupees from drops)
  • Pegasus Boots
  • 100 rupee chest
  • S+Q to sanctuary
  • Death Mountain Ascent
  • Reach the old man and get mirror
  • Hera Clip
  • Moon pearl (boom the first key in Hera, don't mirror)
  • Death Mountain Descent To pod area
  • Pod Clip
  • Hammer (bottom hammer jump is best)
  • S+Q Death Mountain
  • Death Mountain Descent, Thieves' Jump
  • 300 rupees chest
  • (mirror and get bottle + net)
  • Thieves' Town to get Titan's Mitt
  • 300 rupee chest
  • Tempered Sword
  • S+Q Link's house
  • Link is Jesus to get the flippers
  • S+Q Link's house
  • Swamp to get Hookshot
  • S+Q death mountain
  • Ganon's Tower Clip
  • (Red mail/catch fairy)
  • Ganon

With Kiki Skip

Kiki Skip changes a bit the early part of the route. Here are just things that change:

With Early tempered

Early Tempered changes the rupee route and when you will get the flippers.

When you reach POD:

Adding Swamp Teleport

Optimal Route (aka Sushi Lunch)

Here's the full optimal route:

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