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Spectacle Rock Cave EG is a trick where the player enters EG from the lower floor of the Spectacle Rock Cave system on Death Mountain. This trick is useful in many MG Speedruns because of the cave's proximity to a Savepoint (Old Man Cave) as well as the specific Supertile being nearby other useful areas (Palace of Darkness, Thieves' Town, Ganon's Tower, etc.) on the EG Map.

Methods for Entering EG

There are several ways you can enter EG from Spec Rock Cave. Which method you choose depends on category/goal and player preference.

Citrus Clip

Starting along the left slope on y-coordinate FA2, you can do a Citrus clip here to get into EG. This is often the fastest method available and doesn't require any items to execute.

Bomb Clip

This is slower than doing Citrus, uses a bomb, takes damage, and require Boots, but many players find it easier to optimize than the Citrus Clip.


  • Hug the right wall and find a 3px y-coordinate window: F7B-F79.
  • Dash turn left and place a bomb.
  • Walk down until Link is flush with the bottom wall and face left. We face left so A doesn't grab when we go to start our dash.
  • Begin a dash charge when the bomb starts flashing and turn right during the dash.
  • After getting hit by the bomb, press ^ followed by < to snap fully out-of-bounds.

From PoD Death Hole

See: Deathhole

This allows us to enter EG from PoD through using the Spectacle Rock Cave. See the main article for more information.