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Mirror Displacement is a Major Glitch that allows you to place a Mirror Portal on a screen you're not physically on. This can be abused to allow Link early access to an area of the Dark World.


The game tracks Link's coordinates in multiple ways: it tracks where he is on the current screen and it tracks where he is on the overall map. In normal gameplay, there's no conflict between these two values, but if we use glitches to jump through the bottom of a screen, the screen transition is not run and Link will wrap to the top of the screen. However, his coordinates on the overall map will continue descending as if he did transition to the screen below. Because the game references Link's overall map coordinate when placing Mirror Portals, this can be used to place Portals in otherwise impossible locations.


Pyramid Fairy

Pyramid Fairy can be accessed early, without the use of the Super Bomb, through doing a Mirror Displacement on Dark Death Mountain. First the player must Screenwrap Warp on Death Mountain. Next make your way to the bottom of the mountain and stand on the left side of the light brown patch of dirt that's just east of where Old Man Cave is in Light World and just west of the short ladder.

There's a wide range of working pixels for using the Mirror here:

  • x-coordinate range: 766-77A
  • y-coordinate range: 79B-7A9

This is a 20 pixel window horizontally, and a 14 pixel window vertically.

There are 3 quickwarp windows within the x-coordinate range. They are:

  • 777-776
  • 76E-76F
  • 766-767

After Mirroring, you need to make it to your portal that exists in Hyrule Castle Courtyard. There are a number of ways to do this and the best/fastest method will be category-dependent. Do take note that you CANNOT save & quit to Link's House and run to the portal from there. Mirror portals do not persist through S&Q.


If you have the flute and haven't defeated Agahnim1, you can use this route.


If you haven't defeated Agahnim1, you can use this route. You must enter Old Man Cave to reload Death Mountain properly in order to take damage from Deadrocks and Boulders. This route is typically going to be slower than other routes, but it works well as a safety if you're not confident in clipping to get to the Courtyard. It's also good if you don't have the Boots (making the clips slower/harder) or if you have low hearts.

Light World DMD + River Clip

This route is fast and because it doesn't pass the Hyrule Castle gate, it works even if you have defeated Agahnim1. You must reload lower Death Mountain normally using Old Man Cave, and then you need to do two clips: Light World DMD and River Clip.

Notes on the movement after River Clip:

  • After you dash hop the ledge, dash straight down. Link should hop a ledge.
  • After landing, dash right and you'll see Link exit the right side of the camera and wrap back around to the left. Before touching the right side of the camera again, align with the wall (y-coordinate 7A8). Then go right and you should transition.
  • On the next screen, walk left and aim Link to walk through the top bush in the pair of bushes to his left. Keep moving left until Link is above the pink quarter-tile in the ground. From here, you can walk up into the portal. Make sure you aren't left of x-coordinate 770 or you'll mirror-bonk back to the Light World.

Brahmin Route


Graveyard Ledge + Houlihan

This is a route that's done in Full Equipment RMG Speedruns. Reload lower Death Mountain using Old Man Cave and then do Graveyard Ledge Clip. After clipping you can get the Graveyard Ledge Heart Piece and/or Cape before transitioning left and falling in the pit to the Great Fairy. Because of Graveyard Ledge Clip, this pit will take you to Houlihan Room, where you can collect rupees and exit to Link's House. Run to Castle Courtyard to use the portal to Pyramid Fairy.

Notes about Courtyard Movement

In the above clips, the optimal Courtyard movement is used. Try to dash up in a way that kills the right-side guard on the path before dashing left. This strat helps out a ton with lag. Additionally, make sure you nudge the small yellow plant before walking into the portal. This will set your x-coordinate to 770, which is essential for this trick to work. If you're left of this position, you will mirror-bonk back to the Light World. If you do mirror-bonk, you'll be able to retry the warp, but it will lose a solid chunk of time to have the extra warping.

Easier Movement

This is an easier route on the Courtyard screen. You'll have plenty of time on your final dash up to analyze your position and make sure you're aligned with the left edge of the yellow plants (x-coordinate 770) before entering the portal. This movement also avoids having to deal with any guards. There will be a decent amount of extra lag on the screen though, making it slower than the movement shown in the above clips.

Tempered DMD