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Good weapon mmm
Bow and Arrow Official Art


The Bow is found in the big chest in Eastern Palace


The Bow is a strong ranged weapon used often in speedruns.

It has a 16 frame animation that plays out each time an arrow is fired. This makes the best firing rate an arrow every 17 frames. However, the game also does not allow more than one arrow in flight, so if an arrow is shot over a longer distance, this timing can increase. Therefore, to optimize arrow shooting, it is best to keep close to the target.

If the player has no arrows, the animation will still play but no arrow will be fired. Also if the player shoots while a previous arrow is still in flight, the animation will play with no arrow.

An Itemdash with the Bow generally isn't very useful. The animation is started with the dash charge but an arrow is not fired until after the dash is stopped and the full animation plays.


By visiting the Fat Fairy in the Pyramid, Link can toss in the regular Bow and receive the Silver Arrows. Normally visiting the Fat Fairy requires Crystals 5 & 6 (from Ice Palace and Misery Mire respectively) to make the Superbomb spawn in the Bomb Shop in the Dark World. Buying the Superbomb for 100 rupees and transporting it to the Pyramid to blow up the crack in the wall allows Link to access the Fat Fairy. The Fat Fairy can also be accessed with glitching.

The Silver Arrows are the most powerful weapon in the game, dealing 100 damage to anything vulnerable to arrows. This is enough to instantly kill almost every enemy.